Super Unique Monsters in Diablo 4 are a very special type of enemy, the most powerful non-boss enemy in the game, they have higher health and damage output as well as unique abilities or mechanics that make them more challenging to defeat. Super Unique Monsters have specific names and even their own backstory tied to the lore and mythology of the game world. They are not in the category of Bosses but they have similarities with them. Super Unique Monsters do respawn, but with random times between spawns. 


Monsters & Minions

Super Unique Monsters are usually surrounded by minions or monsters that will help them in battle. Some Super Unique Monsters may have some kind of interaction with the Minions and Monsters around them, such as buffing the minions stasts or absorbing the minions health in order to replenish their own health bar.

In certain special events, players may find themselves encountering multiple Super Unique Monsters at once.

Drops & Rewards

Super Unique Monsters are often associated with unique loot drops or rewards, making them valuable targets for players seeking powerful equipment or rare items, as well as a high XP reward. Super Unique Monsters drop what is called as Hidden Rares. These are Rare items that possess list of stats that go beyond what's normally available. In a way, these kinds of items resemble more Unique items than Rare ones, but they don't impact your build as much as Uniques.


All Super Unique Monsters in Diablo IV


Fractured Peaks Super Unique Monsters



Scosglen Super Unique Monsters



Dry Steppes Super Unique Monsters



Kehjistan Super Unique Monsters



Hawezar Super Unique Monsters


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