Game Progress Route for Diablo 4 presents a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game to avoid any missing important NPCs, Locations, and Items. For detailed information, please see the Walkthrough page. 


Diablo 4 Game Progress Route



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  1. Reach Nevesk
  2. Speak with Vani
  3. Enter the Icehowl Ruins
  4. Defeat X'Fal, The Scarred Baron
  5. Return to Nevesk
  6. Loot the Chapel Key
  7. Enter the Chapel
  8. Interact with the Blood Petals
  9. Speak with Iosef
  10. Enter the Windswept Cabin
  11. Examine the Strange Skull
  12. Reach Kyovashad
  13. Burn your sin
  14. Obtain Lorath's items from the Merchant
  15. Speak with Lorath


Your journey commences in Fractured Peaks, a wintry area within Sanctuary. Head east, following the path towards the golden quest marker on your map to seek shelter from the cold. When you arrive at the village of Nevesk, follow the sounds of arguing to a house on the left side of the village. Speak to Oswen and Vani, then follow Vani to the village tavern and she'll ask you to take care of the evil presence in a nearby ruin.

Make your way towards Icehowl Ruins [Diablo 4 Map Link], a Dungeon situated just north of the town as indicated on your map. Along the way, you'll come across an array of fresh enemy types to battle, such as Bears and Skeletons. As soon as you enter the dungeon, make your way to the door at the back and then through the subsequent door to your right. Continue to advance through these doors until you arrive at an area with two entrances. The one on your right is vacant, while the one straight ahead is teeming with Skeletons lying in wait to launch an attack.

Eliminate the Skeletons in the area before advancing to the next section. After clearing the next section, proceed through the glowing doors on the right to enter the next room. Here, you will come across a Healing Well and a Treasure Chest. Interact with the Healing Well to replenish your supply of Healing Potions. Continue through the hall to reach the Hell-Touched Corridors. Go right to explore and after vanquishing the enemies in the room, move to the adjacent room that curves to the left. You know you are in the right place if you find some Fallen and a Fallen Shaman.

Defeat them, then proceed to the next, larger room. Loot the Treasure Chest in here, then enter the door on the right to progress to another room with more enemies. Follow the passage at the end of this room to reach another Healing Well. Prepare for a boss fight then head down the path. This will lead you to a room where a Decapitated Priest is lying on the ground. Interact with him to trigger the boss fight with X’Fal, The Scarred Baron.

Defeating the Boss will yield a Simple Crossbow, Short Sword, and Hide Pants. You can then use the rope at the back to return to Icehowl Taiga. Make your way back to Nevesk and speak to Vani in the village tavern. They have no coin to offer, but will celebrate your victory at the Icehowl Ruins with drink and song in a cutscene. After the cutscene ends, you will be joined by a holy man, Iosef. Defeat the aggressive villagers and loot the Chapel Key from Vani.

With the Chapel Key in hand, head south from the village to reach the Chapel. Enter, and interact with the Blood Petals in between the front row pews to initiate a cutscene. After the cutscene ends, speak with Iosef, and he'll point you to a cabin in the woods north of your location. Follow the path northeast towards the quest area, passing by a cave-like area infested with Spiders. When you get to the quest area, head as far northwest as you can go to find the Windswept Cabin.

Enter the cabin and interact with the bookshelf to reveal a secret room. In here, interact with the Strange Skull to trigger a cutscene. You will be introduced to the hermit, Lorath Nahr. After telling him about your experience in Nevesk, both of you will make your way to Kyovashad. The city can be found by following the path northeast. Simply follow your quest tracker and you'll arrive at Kyovashad.

Before you are let through the gates, you must perform a sin cleansing ritual. Pick up a Holy Cedar Tablet from the nearby table and choose any option given to you. Burn the tablet at the brazier next to you, and you'll be granted passage into Kyovashad. Remember to activate the Waypoint in Kyovashad to be able to fast travel here later. When you return to Lorath, he'll ask you to retrieve an item from a merchant. Head to the Blacksmith and buy Lorath's Polearm off of him for 20 Gold. The Blacksmith will also offer you a Strange Amulet for free. Grab it and present both items to Lorath. A monologue narrated by Lorath will play shortly after, marking the end of the prologue.


Fractured Peaks

  1. Enter the Cathedral of Light
  2. Speak with Reverend Mother Prava
  3. Travel to Yelesna
  4. Speak with Captain Ankers
  5. Speak with Vigo and Neyrelle at Pine Hill
  6. Navigate through the Condemned Mines
  7. Speak with your allies
  8. Navigate through Kasama and Cradle
  9. Defeat Vhenard
  10. Return to the Cathedral of Light
  11. Reach Kor Valar
  12. Speak with Reverend Mother Prava
  13. Perform the pilgrimage
  14. Speak with Inarius at the Alabaster Monastery
  15. Search for Neyrelle at the Mistral Woods
  16. Navigate through the Darkened Holt
  17. Enter the Horadric Vault
  18. Defeat Tchort, Herald of Lilith
  19. Return to the Black Lake with Neyrelle
  20. Navigate through the Necropolis of the Firstborn
  21. Defeat Lilith's Lament
  22. Return to Neyrelle at the Horadric Vault


Lorath believes that the Cathedral could be powerful allies when facing against Lilith and her demons. Head to the Cathedral of Light found in the northern section of Kyovashad. Inside, speak to Reverend Mother Prava. She requests that you travel to Yelesna to investigate the sighting. Make sure to pick up Vigo's Report before you head out of the Cathedral. Yelesna can be found southeast of Kyovashad. When you arrive, activate the Waypoint here, then enter the Knights' Garrison in the northwest side of the village and speak to Captain Ankers found behind a war table. He points you towards the mining camp at Pine Hill northeast of Yelesna.

When you reach Pine Hill, go up and to the right to reach Windfall Hollow. Speak to Vigo by the gates and you'll get interrupted by and introduced to a young girl named Neyrelle. Speak to them once more and follow them to the Ore Hoist. The hoist fails, causing you to have to walk around the other side. Defeat the ambush, then continue running east around the mineshaft. At the larger cavern opening, head north at the split and approach the sealed gate to the Condemned Mines.

In the mines, take the right at the first split. Take the path going to the right at both large circular rooms you encounter. At the end, interact with the Locked Door. While Neyrelle is unlocking the door for you, you will have to defend yourself against waves of Vampire Bats and Ghouls. Continue through the door after it's been unlocked, then head up the path going north when you reach a split. Take the path going to the right at the next circular room, and follow it to reach the exit of the Condemned Mines.

Speak to Vigo after having escaped the mines. Run after Neyrelle and speak with her, then follow the path the opposite way with your allies to find another Ore Hoist. Interact with the Slain Demon to pull it off of the hoist and make it functional again. Speak to Vigo, and before you have the opportunity to leave via the Ore Hoist, you will hear a noise coming from behind you. Backtrack a bit and interact with the Gate of Kasama on your left. Inside, speak to Grendan, after which Vigo will leave the group. Hop across the gap to the northeast and keep going down the staircases on your right. Interact with Lilith's Blood Petals at the very bottom for a short vision of a past conversation between Lilith and Vhenard.

After the vision ends, head up the stairs on the opposite side and open the Ancient Gate. Descend the stairs on the opposite side of the room, then turn left. You'll encounter some more of the same enemies in the next room. Don't take the first left as it leads to a dead end, but instead take the second left to reach the next quest area. Climb down the wall to your south when you get a chance to. At the end of the path is the Gate of the Cradle. Interact with it to reach Cradle.

At the top of the stairs when you enter Cradle, interact with Lilith's Blood Petals for a short vision. Interact with the Ancient Gate after the vision ends, then take the path to the left at the split. When you get to another split, head down the path on the right, then head north from the large chamber to find and open an Ancient Gate. Beyond the gate is another pile of Lilith's Blood Petals. You won't be able to interact with these ones just yet, but instead an Elite demon named Rohaska will appear. Defeat her, then interact with the blood petals.

The barrier barring the door will be dispelled after the vision ends. Open it, then head down the stairs into the Cloisters of Dusk. The quickest way forward is to take the path on the right in the split. Turn left heading north, then take another right. Take a left at the corner, and up the stairs are some enemies. Defeat or run past them, then continue westward. In the room with the Ancient Totem, turn right, then left at the corner, and finally keep heading straight ahead.

At the top of the stairs behind the Elite enemy is an Ancient Gate you can open. Speak to Neyrelle at the other end of the room, and you'll have to defend her once more as she tries to open the way forward. Successfully defend her within the time, and she dispels the barrier, killing all remaining enemies. Leave the room and enter the Mourning Shore to leave Cradle. Head down the steps and speak to Vhenard. After the conversation ends, you will be thrown into a boss battle against her. Defeat her to obtain a rare Dagger, the Mother's Knife.

Speak to Neyrelle, who asks you to seek help from Reverend Mother Prava. Return to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad and speak to Iosef to find Prava. He points you towards Kor Valar, another settlement northeast of Kyovashad. When you reach Kor Valar, speak to Vigo, then find Reverend Mother Prava further in the settlement. She sets you off on a pilgrimage to the Alabaster Monastery, stating that she'll grant your request only if you successfully complete it. 

Meet Vigo by the ruins south of Kor Valar and he'll explain what you have to do for the pilgrimage. To sum the task up, you will have to carry a relic found at the Altar of Purity, the Idol of the Faithful, to four other altars — the Altar of the Martyrdom, Altar of Redemption, Altar at the Anointed Ascent, and the Shrine of the Pentitent. While this sounds simple, the catch is that while carrying the Idol of the Faithful, you are slowed and blinded. You can run past the enemies in the area, or put down the idol temporarily to deal with them while bringing the idol to all four altars.

After bringing the idol to the Shrine of the Penitent, speak to Vigo, then enter the Alabaster Monastery. Climb up the stairs to the top and interact with the portal to initiate a cutscene with Inarius. Return to Reverend Mother Prava at Kor Valar, and she grants your request. Your next course of action is to find Neyrelle at the Mistral Woods. You can reach the woods by heading north of Yelesna. As you search for Neyrelle, a hidden path into the Darkened Holt will reveal itself. Enter the dungeon and follow the snowy path. Slide down into a new area when prompted, then continue along the upward path, taking the first left you encounter. Head up the stairs at the end and stay on the path as it turns right. You will be prompted to slide downwards at the end of the path.

You will eventually come across a Portal. Speak to the Wolf, who will instruct you to jump through the portal. You will be transported to the Vision of Tristram. Simply follow and listen to the Wolf as he guides you through the vision. Take the Portal at the end of your conversation to return to the Darkened Holt. Follow the forward path, and you will encounter Neyrelle up ahead. Head down the path going left with Neyrelle, which will lead you into the Shadowed Glade. Defeat all the enemies in the area, then make your way to the Three-Faced Statue situated at the back of the glade and interact with it.

Interacting with the statue will open up the path to the Horadric Vault. Make your way up there and follow Neyrelle until you reach the Study Door. The door is unfortunately locked and you'll have to find a way around. Enter the door on the right and take the book named Lesser Verses and Incantations. Hand it over to Neyrelle, then follow her further into the vault. You will encounter another locked door. After Neyrelle unlocks it, she'll head back outside for her safety. Head into the now unlocked Study. Make your way north, stocking up on Potions at the Healing Well if needed, and get ready for another boss fight.

When you enter the Desecrated Archives, the fight against Tchort, Herald of Lilith will begin. Defeat her, then pick up the book named Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma from the middle of the chamber. Take the Teleporter right outside the boss room to return to Neyrelle. After a short conversation, meet Neyrelle back at the Path of the Firstborn. She will lead you to the Black Lake where Vhenard was attempting to conduct a ritual. Speak to her when you arrive, and the ritual will be completed, granting you passage into the Necropolis of the Firstborn.

As you make your way thorough this dungeon, you will come across several visions of Rathma. While you do not need to watch each and every one of them, stopping to listen to them will give you a better grasp of past events. The main goal of this dungeon is to find and destroy five Tumors of Hatred to open up the way forward. After destroying the fifth tumor, head down the newly opened path and stock up on Potions at the Healing Well. After you jump across the gap, you will be thrust into a boss fight against Lilith's Lament. Defeat him, then speak to the Knight Penitent that aided you during the fight.

Continue forward through the dungeon, and inspect Lilith's Blood Petals at the end to view a vision of Lilith. Return to Neyrelle at the Horadric Vault and inform her of the things you've learnt from the vision. A monologue narrated by Lorath will play shortly after, marking the end of Act I.



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  1. Reach Eldhaime Keep
  2. Speak with Donan and Yorin
  3. Reach Firebreak Manor
  4. Enter Donan's Study
  5. Inspect Lilith's Blood Petals
  6. Defeat the manor attackers
  7. Reach Braestaig
  8. Navigate through the Weeping Cairns
  9. Speak with Arlo
  10. Reach Solitude
  11. Defeat Airidah, Keeper of the Dead
  12. Reach Tirmair
  13. Escort Nafain's Wolf
  14. Navigate through the Untamed Thicket
  15. Defeat the Amalgam of Rage Gestation
  16. Return to Nafain
  17. Return to Donan at Eldhaime Keep
  18. Navigate through the Eldhaime Ruins
  19. Speak with Donan
  20. Navigate through the Eldhaime Barracks
  21. Inspect with Lilith's Blood Petals
  22. Meet Donan at Cerrigar
  23. Defeat Astaroth
  24. Speak with Donan


Another ally Lorath suggests you seek to oppose Lilith is a man named Donan. He is at Eldhaime Keep found in the southern part of Scosglen. Ask around the settlement for directions, and you will eventually be guided towards the keep itself. Head up the stairs in the keep to find Donan in conversation with his son Yorin. Speak with them, and Donan will point you towards his estate, Firebreak Manor. Reach the manor by travelling north of Eldhaime Keep and speak to Steward Wilfred to gain access to Donan's Study. Interact with Lilith's Blood Petals to view another vision of Lilith.

After the vision ends, head back upstairs and defeat all the enemies infesting the manor. Speak to Donan after they've been defeated and he'll ask you to seek two druids. At this point, two separate quests will be unlocked. Both must be completed in order to progress through the story, but they can be done in any order. This guide will start with Encroaching Shadows. Make your way to Braestaig in the Wailing Hills in northern Scosglen to find the druid Airidah. Speak with Chieftain Asgail to learn the location of Airidah's Domain, and after the conversation ends, Yorin will join your party.

Head northeast from the settlement and you will eventually reach the Weeping Cairns. Defend Yorin while he gets the door open, then enter the dungeon. If you have any difficulties navigating the dungeon, please visit its individual page. The key things to do here is to retrieve a Wardstone to open up the blocked path and to inspect the Altar further in to learn more about Airidah. When you exit the Weeping Cairns, you will find yourself at the Ancestor Heights.

Make your way forward and speak to Arlo when you get the chance. He will point you towards Solitude, but unfortunately the way is blocked at the moment. Destroy all the Risen Remains in the area then return to Arlo. You should now be able to travel northeast to Solitude. Make your way to the top, and stock up on Healing Potions at the Healing Wells you find on your way there. Speak with Airidah, then the boss fight against Airidah, Keeper of the Dead will begin shortly afterwards. Defeat her to learn more about Lilith's plans, then teleport back to Braestaig to tell Yorin about what you found out.

You will now have to make your way to Tirmair to seek out the other druid Donan sent you to find, Nafain. The village can be found in The Shrouded Moors in eastern Scosglen. Similar to last time, speaking to Knight-Captain Razia will help you pinpoint where to find Nafain. Head northeast to the Boglann Stone Circle and interact with the stone pillar containing a Runic Message. Nafain's Wolf will appear to guide you to it's master. Escort the Wolf through the Heart of the Moors, and Nafain will be waiting for you at the end. He won't be able to help you with your quest as Lilith has trapped him within a tree, but he asks that you follow Lilith to the north to try and find out what she's up to.

When you get to the entrance to the Untamed Thicket, you will find the way blocked by some Unnatural Growths. Destroy all three and you'll be able to continue into the dungeon. Within the dungeon are a few Lilith's Marks that you can interact with to glimpse short visions of Lilith. Run through this linear dungeon, and when you get to the end, you will have to face the Amalgam of Rage Gestation. After the boss fight ends, return to Nafain to exchange information about Lilith and her plans.

With the visit to both druids completed, you should now have a good grasp of what Lilith plans to do. Return to Eldhaime Keep to report back to Donan. You can do this by teleporting back to Firebreak Manor and heading south. Make your way through the keep and speak to Commander Antje. She points you towards the door leading into the Eldhaime Ruins. Navigate through the dungeon, and when you exit the ruins, you will find Donan at the Eldhaime Great Hall.

After conversing with Donan, follow him into the Eldhaime Barracks. Fight your way to the Hidden Tomb and inspect Lilith's Blood Petals on the floor at the end of the platform. You will be teleported back to the Eldhaime Great Hall after the cutscene ends. Speak to Donan, who suggests that you meet up in Cerrigar to pursue Lilith. Cerrigar can be found at The Emerald Chase in central Scosglen. Make your way there to find Donan. Before you go through the Lower Cerrigar Gate with him, prepare yourself for a fight. A cutscene will play when you interact with the gates and the fight against Astaroth will begin right after. Speak to Donan and the guard by the Lower Cerrigar Gate after you defeat the boss, then Act II will conclude with a monologue narrated by Lorath.


Dry Steppes

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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Burning Hells

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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