Combat for Diablo 4 will focus on the basic combat mechanic of the game, and the associated actions that you can execute. Combat in Diablo 4 plays like a hybrid between Diablo 2 & Diablo 3.


Combat in Diablo 4

Combat in Diablo 4 is fast paced and plays as an improved version of their predecessors. Players will explore the open world of Sanctuary while fighting with various Enemies, and completing Quests.


Players will have up to 6 Active skills at the same time to use against the forces of evil. Players will be able to choose 1 skill from each category as their active skills, but they will be able to swap them out if needed.


Each Class has a variety of Talent Tress which provide with passive abilities to enhance the character in combat.


Players will be able to complete and revisit numerous Dungeons located all around the World. These Dungeons will have random affixes and objectives that players can complete to earn rewards.

Equipment, Rarities & Trading

A new rarity system will allow players to create builds around certain Items. Item trading will be limited, as some items will only be tradable once while others will stay un-tradable.

A new Rune system has been developed dividing the Runes into two groups: Condition Runes and Effect Runes. Condition Runes provide a condition for the Effects run to trigger allowing for more build options.

Improved Enemies

Combat mechanics has been improved and Enemies with them. Groups of enemies will now act as a single unit with for example melee attackers protecting ranged units.

World Bosses

Players will be able to fight powerful World Bosses with the help of other fellow Heroes. A new stagger mechanic has been implemented allowing players to stack Crowd Control spells to reach  threshold and thus stunning and debilitating the Boss. These bosses are located on specific Locations and defeating them will provide a Reward.

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