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Diablo 4 Wiki Guide: Everything about Diablo IV

Diablo 4 Wiki Guide is a compilation of Diablo IV guides, including all Classes, Abilities, Skill Trees, Weapons, Armor, and Legendaries. A community resource open to be edited by anyone, the Diablo 4 Wiki also features Build Guides, New Player Help, and overall game progress tips and tricks. This page will also compile all new updates, release dates and features that have been announced till the game's release. Diablo 4 is the most recent installment that follows Diablo Immortal. It is Developed and Published by Blizzard Entertainment and was annoucened during Blizzcon 2019 with a predicted release at June 6th 2023. Developers have since announced a few mechanics, areas and features that players can expect in this installment and have even opened up an Endgame Beta to give a chance to some dedicated Diablo players to receive an invitation to trial some of these features in the game. This game continues the series and follows the return of Lilith.


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About Diablo 4

Diablo IV takes a different direction in terms of exploration, players can encounter an open-world, with 5 different connected regions with no borders. The world is much bigger than previous titles, meaning you can use your mount to travel.

  • Exploration through the vast world of Sanctuary with an open world with 5 distinct regions
  • Freedom to choose where to go next, a less linear story progression
  • Extensive playability with RPG progression, replayable dungeons, loot, and deep combat
  • The new storyline where heroes will be called upon to take on challenges
  • Deep character customization including talent trees and skills, loot including legendary/set items, runes/rune combinations, and personalized mounts
  • New Keyed Dungeons allow players to choose which challenging experiences to endure
  • Similar PVP system to that of Diablo 2
  • Deadly monsters with different types but all thematically linked, working together to pose strategic threats

There are also social hubs to interact with other players and find others to complete world events with which are much more challenging enemies. There are also PVP areas for those who want to take on other players.

Diablo 4 Release Information

Diablo 4 was announced during BlizzCon 2019 and is set to release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

  • Release date: June 6th 2023, Early Open Beta – March 17
  • Platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Announced: Blizzcon 2019
  • Genre: ARPG, Hack, and Slash
  • Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Published by: Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: AMD FX-8100 Intel Core i5 2500K
  • RAM: 8GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 AMD Radeon R9 280
  • Storage: 45GB SSD

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X or Core i5 4670K
  • RAM: 16GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 AMD Radeon RX 470
  • Storage: 45GB SSD

Diablo 4 Wiki

about diablo 4 release requirements more
Developers Blizzard Entertainment
Publishers Activision Blizzard
Genre ARPG, Hack and Slash
Game Modes Single-player, Online Multiplayer, PVP
Rating M
Director Joe Shely
Luis Barriga
Producers Tiffany Wat
Designers Joe Piepiora
Artist John Mueller


Diablo 4 Latest Updates and News

Diablo 4 Closed End Game Beta

Blizzard has confirmed the release of the Closed End Game Beta and will be extending an invitation to a limited amount Diablo players. Players can ensure they qualify to be chosen by visiting the Battle.net website or launcher and allowing news and Special offers from their account and communication preferences settings. Ensure this is checked to have a chance at receiving an invitation to participate in the Beta of Diablo 4. To select their  Beta players, they will be looking into recent gameplay data from previous Diablo titles such as Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III, and Diablo Immortal. Those chosen can expect a number of features available in Diablo 4, without spoiling the main campaign storyline since they have expressed that they do not wish to spoil the return of Lilith until the official release. Once accepted, those chosen will not be permitted to share any gameplay experiences or details during the Beta period. Features in the Beta include various events, dungeons, Pvp zones, and the returning Paragon Boards system. 

Diablo 4 Beta Features: 

  • Helltide (Event)
  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Whispers of the Dead
  • Fields of Hatred (PvP)
  • Paragon Boards

What are the Latest Updates in Diablo 4?

As of November 2022, Developers have confirmed that Diablo 4 will be allowing players to first participate in an End Game Closed Beta. This will be a private affair, and those invited to play the Beta will not be permitted to share any details of their experience. All new updates on Diablo 4, along with new releases and DLC announcements can be navigated from here. 

Pre-order Bonuses

Standard Edition:
  • Full Game
  • Open Beta Early Access. (Early access begins March 17)
  • Light Bearer Mount
  • Diablo III Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet
  • World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount
  • Diablo Immortal Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set


Digital Deluxe Edition:
  • Full Game
  • Open Beta Early Access. (Early access begins March 17)
  • Light Bearer Mount
  • Diablo III Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet
  • World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount
  • Diablo Immortal Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set
  • Up to 4 Days Early Access​ to Diablo 4
  • Temptation Mount
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Premium Seasonal Battle Pass​ Unlock


Ultimate Edition:
  • Full Game
  • Open Beta Early Access. (Early access begins March 17)
  • Light Bearer Mount
  • Diablo III Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet
  • World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount
  • Diablo Immortal Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set
  • Up to 4 Days Early Access​ to Diablo 4
  • Temptation Mount
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock (includes a Premium Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock plus 20 Tier Skips and cosmetic)
  • Wings of the Creator​ Emote

Fextralife News



Everything We Know About Diablo 4

NEW! Diablo 4 Season 4: Public Test Realm (PTR)

Diablo 4's first-ever Public Test Realm is going live on April 2 until April 9. The PTR allows players with a Battle.net (PC) account to test the upcoming changes for Season 4 ahead of the full release. One of the biggest changes is the loot frequency and item quality towards the endgame which will be opened up to the PTR servers to experience before it goes public. To save everyone's time, there will be a quick boost granted to all participants by simply talking to an NPC so they can try out the new system.

6 season 4 public test realm diablo 4 wiki guide
(Image credit: Blizzard)

What is the PTR in Diablo 4?

The PTR for Diablo 4 will allow players with a Battle.net (PC) account to test updates and upcoming features before the season launches for the public. The players will then be allowed to submit their feedback to make necessary adjustments before it can be accessed by everyone else. Big changes are coming in Season 4 and here are the things to watch out for:


Features Offered For Testing

Diablo 4 PTR Servers will be available in the following regions: North America, Europe, Korea and Japan, South America, and Australia. After logging in, players' account will carry over the following account-based progress:

  • Campaign Completion
  • Mounts and Skill Points
  • Fog of War
  • Altar of Lilith Stat bonuses

Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR Character Boost

Many of the features will be accessible towards the endgame, because of this there is going to be a feature that will allow players to boost their characters instantly to Level 100 by talking to an NPC named "PTR boost" found in Kyovashad. You can find more details below:

  • You will be able to instantly boost your character to Level 100.
    • Upon entering the PTR and arriving at Kyovashad, there will be an NPC named ‘PTR boost’. They will only have one dialogue option, which is Boost me to level 100’
  • Upon boosting, you will receive:
    • 100 million gold
    • 1,000 Obols
    • Two random sets of Ancestral gear at item power 920
    • Upgraded Potions
    • Fully unlocked Paragon Glyphs
    • Up to 10 Tempering Manuals (class specific)
    • Base amount of all consumable materials
      • Does not include materials for resources specifically earned for Masterworking, Scattered Prisms and Resplendent Sparks.
      • Materials to enter the Pit and Nightmare Dungeons are granted.
    • Completed Class system mechanics (eg: enchantments for Sorceress, etc).
    • Note: This boost can be repeated with new characters on the PTR, and you can trade between characters as needed.
  • Fog of War will be completely cleared.
  • Additionally, regardless of whether you choose to boost your character for the PTR, Legendary drop rates will be doubled.

NOTE: Some features will be missing intentionally to test the flows the developers want to keep an eye on. One of these is the Codex of Power which will not be fully unlocked during the PTR.


How to Give Feedback

Diablo 4 developers are encouraging players to submit feedback so they can help improve the state of the game before it goes live fully. 

Participating players can provide feedback through the in-game feedback tool or the Diablo IV PTR forums. Give a feedback by doing the following:

  • Pressing the ‘Esc’ key while in the in-game menu will bring up the ‘Report a Bug’ menu.
  • Select the dropdown filter and choose the ‘In-game feedback tool’ to provide feedback without leaving the game.


How to Access the PTR

Here are the steps to join the PTR:

  • Open the Blizzard Battle.net App and select Diablo IV from your Games list.
  • In the selector above the Play button, there is a game version drop-down menu.
    • Select the option 'Public Test Realm'.
  • Click Install to Install the PTR client. (This becomes a Play button when the download is finished.)
  • Click Play to log in to the PTR, and select any of the available Test Servers.
  • Create a new character for PTR.
  • Launch the game and test Diablo 4 Season 4!

NOTE: For PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate users, access the PTR through the same flow as other Battle Net users. Launch the Battle Net client through the Xbox App, then continue to access the PTR through Battle Net.



What to Expect in Diablo 4's Newest Season

Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR Features

  • Itemization Balances: Item farming is geared towards having equipment that feels more satisfying and exciting to use
  • NEW! Helltide Reborn: Helltide gets another revamp to bring the depths of hell to the surface of Sanctuary. Helltide gets additional features and a new Threat Tier
  • NEW! The Pit of Artificers: Strange varieties of ore to introduce crafting of exceptional armor with secret Horadric techniques
  • Boss Ladder Updates: Revisit the Boss Ladder with as The Echo of Andariel joins Diablo 4's Season 4
  • Class Updates and Full Patch Notes - See our Patch Notes for more details


Tempering: New Diablo 4 Crafting System

You can now add affixes to your items with Tempering. Visit the Blacksmith at any of the towns in the Sanctuary and use the Temper Manuals available in Diablo 4's newest season. These Temper Manuals can be found through drops and can be kept for UNLIMITED USAGE.

End Game Crafting with Masterworking

The Diablo 4 End Game just got more exciting with Masterowrking. Players can now improve the value of their equipment's current affixes using materials gathered from The Pit of Artificers.

Helltide Threat Tiers

Helltide just got more dangerous, again! Players are now affected by a Threat, which determines the difficulty of the event. The Helltide Threat increases every time you defeat monsters and how often you're securing Tortured Gifts during Helltide and can go up to Tier 3.



Diablo 4's newest season focuses on releasing the best items with an increase in power journey and upgrades. This means that loot will drop less frequently, but they will be more powerful. Players will have something more to look forward to in terms of power upgrades and enhancements, which also reduces the need to continuously farm for the best equipment. 

5 season 4 public test realm diablo 4 wiki guide
(Image credit: Blizzard) 


Basic Item Updates

  • Reduced number of affixes: now 3 on Legendary items, and 2 on Rare items.
  • Smaller pool of more potent affixes.
  • More relevant affixes (eg: ranks of a single Core Skill).
  • Only Sacred items in World Tier 3, only Ancestral items in World Tier 4.
  • Affix values are tuned up to be punchier; we want you (and the fiends of Sanctuary) to really feel them!
  • New affixes and positioning of affixes:
    • Resource per Second
    • Resource on Kill
    • Lucky Hit: Apply Vulnerable
    • Life per Hit
    • Basic Skill Ranks


Miscellaneous Updates

  • Legendary items dropped from enemy level 95+ are always 925 item power.
  • Gems are simpler, more useful, and have a much longer crafting tail.
    • Gems now have Core stats, and the more conditional bonuses have been simplified.
  • Salvage, crafting, and rewards have all been tuned.
    • Significantly reduced item drop rates (less time sorting, more time slaying!)
    • Item rerolling gold cost capped when Enchanting.
    • Material removal and consolidation.
    • Forgotten Souls can now be obtained from Whispers and are now a global rare drop from Elites.
  • Uniques appear earlier.
    • Some Uniques now dropping starting in World Tier I and II.
    • All Uniques can now drop in World Tier III.
    • Uber Uniques can start dropping from monster level 55, drops at 925 item power.

New Crafting System: Tempering

  • This new system will allow you to add affixes to your items at the Blacksmith through a new reusable item that can drop from most content in-game, called Temper Manuals!
  • These are categorized like the Codex of Power (eg: Resource, Mobility, etc)
    • Once gained, you retain these for unlimited use!
  • Each manual contains a handful of affixes; you are able to attach one at a time.
  • Affixes can be rerolled up to the item’s Temper Reroll limit.
  • Ancestral items can have two Tempered affixes from different categories.

Greater Affixes

  • Only appearing on Ancestral Legendary and Unique items, these are more powerful versions of normal affixes, with a 1.5x multiplier on the affix’s maximum roll.
  • An item with a Greater Affix will be immediately obvious, with a unique audio cue, as well as a I up to a IV next to the item name indicating how many affixes are Greater.
    • eg: Helm (Ancestral) – II
  • Each affix on an item has a chance to be Greater in World Tier III & IV.
  • Players cannot Enchant into a Greater affix – they can only be found!


  • A late-game crafting system to upgrade items, using materials gathered from .
  • Improves the value of your current affixes.
    • There are 12 upgrade ranks.
    • Every 4 ranks, a single affix is massively upgraded.
    • Other ranks slightly increase the value of all affixes.

Codex of Power Updates

  • All Legendary Aspects now appear in the Codex of Power, so you can focus on chasing great items instead of managing your inventory.
  • The highest roll Legendary you salvage is stored in your Codex.
  • Legendary Affix ranged increase based on item tier (Normal, Sacred, Ancestral).
  • Most Legendary Affix ranges have been increased.
  • The UI has been revamped, now includes manual and keyword search.
    • You can also favorite Legendary Aspects to make them easier to find!


Helltide Reborn

Helltide gets massive upgrades that will level out the difficulty by increasing the danger of frequency ambushes through Threat level:

Helltide Threat

3 season 4 public test realm diablo 4 wiki guide300px(Image credit: Blizzard)

  • As you battle through Helltides, you will generate Threat – how much will be determined by the difficulty of monster and how often you’re securing Tortured Gifts within Helltide. Dying will reset your Threat.
  • There are three Helltide Threat Tiers, with each increasing the danger and frequency of monster ambushes. At Tier 3, you will become Hell-Marked.
    • Achieving maximum Threat will initiate a brief ambush frenzy of maximum enemy density. The ambush will end with a final Hellborne spawn, an immensely powerful agent of Hell, resurrected from the tortured souls of Sanctuary’s most powerful champions. There are five variants representing each Class in Diablo IV.
    • Upon activating the Hellborn ambush, your Threat will reset.

Accursed Ritual

4 season 4 public test realm diablo 4 wiki guide300px
(Image credit: Blizzard)

  • Baneful Hearts can primarily be earned through opening Tortured Gift chests and can be used at the Accursed Ritual location.
  • A scene of shocking gore, the Accursed Ritual is the ultimate testament to the disturbing lengths the manic Cultists will go to appease their dark wishes. It is here where you can begin the Accursed Ritual.
  • Deposit three Baneful Hearts to begin the ritual, and you will be swarmed with a dense demonic ambush. Other players within your subzone will be alerted that the ritual has begun if they wish to join you in your fight.
  • This ambush will climax with the arrival of the Blood Maiden, an immensely powerful demonic creature who will offer great reward upon her death.

World Tier I and II Adjustments

2 season 4 public test realm diablo 4 wiki guide300px
(Image credit: Blizzard)

  • To get players into the thick of Helltides much earlier in their overall Character journey, the PTR will see these upcoming adjustments to help make Helltide more fun and rewarding in World Tier I & II.
    • All Tortured Gifts are Mystery Chests.
    • No roaming bosses or ambient meteors.
    • Less monster density overall compared to World Tier III and IV.



The Pit of Artificers 

1 season 4 public test realm diablo 4 wiki guide
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Defeat the final boss of The Pit to earn endgame upgrade Materials

There are rumors that deep within the network of dungeons crisscrossing the north of Sanctuary, there are strange varieties of ore, perfect for crafting exceptionally crafted armor with secret Horadric techniques.

  • Upon entering World Tier IV, you’ll receive a priority Quest to complete a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon. Upon completion, you’ll begin to collect Runeshard during endgame activities. Collect enough Runeshard to ultimately activate the Obelisk in Cerrigar.
  • Activating the Obelisk will send you to The Pit. Your goal will be to slay enough monsters before a 10-minute timer runs out. Each player death removes time from the clock: first death removes 30 seconds, second death removes 60 seconds, third and subsequent deaths will remove 90 seconds.
  • If you slay enough monsters, a portal will appear, taking you to the boss’s arena.
  • Killing the boss before the timer expires will grant you Masterworking materials and unlocks the next tier of The Pit.
    • Killing the boss with 4-6 minutes to spare grants you an additional Tier unlock.
    • Killing the boss with 6 or more minutes to spare grants you two additional Tier unlocks.
    • The Pit has hundreds of Tiers of difficulty.
      • If the Mastery timer expires before you finish running through the Pit you’ll still receive loot, but won’t receive any Masterworking materials.
  • The Pit can be undertaken with groups up to four, with the player who opened The Pit receiving the lion’s share of materials.
    • Only the player who opened The Pit has the chance of receiving the Materials used for summoning Tormented Echoes.


Boss Ladder Updates

The Echo of Andariel joins Diablo 4 Boss Ladder

  • The Echo of Andariel joins the ladder in our Season 4 PTR, in the same bracket as her brother Duriel, with the same Uber Unique drop rate. With a mix of Shadow, Fire, Lightning, and her iconic Poison attack, Andariel stands ready to face all who dare fathom her demise.
    • Summoning parts can be acquired from Beast in Ice and Lord Zir.

Stygian Stones can summon Tormented Echoes of ALL Ladder Bosses

  • Tormented Echoes of all ladder bosses can be summoned with Stygian Stones, obtained from deep within The Pit.
    • Stygian Stones are needed along with an increased amount of summoning materials, but fear not – they also drop more rewards!
    • Tormented Echoes will be level 200.
    • All items dropped are item level 925.
    • Defeating your first Tormented Echo drops one Resplendent Spark as a first-time reward (account bound).


Diablo 4: Season of the Construct


What is the Season of the Constructs in Diablo 4?

Season of the Construct is the third season in Diablo 4, introducing new characters, enemies, mechanics, time-limited rewards, and quality-of-life updates. Diablo 4 Seasons typically span 3 months, with the developers aiming for 4 Seasons per year. Season of the Construct marks the first season of 2024, with three more to follow later. The season concludes on April 16, 2024.

2 season of the construct seasons diablo 4 wiki guide

News Features and Additions of the Latest Season

In the latest season, anticipate journeying through the desert with a new Seneschal Companion, exploring Dungeon-like Vaults, discovering Magical Governing and Tuning Stones, unlocking the full power of the Seneschal Construct, upcoming Leaderboards with The Gauntlet, additional Quality of Life Updates, and new Rewards through the Season Journey and Battle Pass. We will be going over each and every one of them in this section however, for more detailed information, visit this page.

3 season of the construct seasons diablo 4 wiki guide

Season of Construct New Questline

In Sanctuary, peace has never been an option. This month, a new Season will unveil the Ancient Forces residing deep within the deserts of Kehjistan. Guided by their Seneschal Companion, the Wanderer will navigate treacherous traps within ancient Constructs to thwart the desert's looming threat. Those brave enough to venture beneath the surface will confront elemental forces and vanquish the demon Malphas's roots in the latest Season of the Construct.15 season of the construct season 3 diablo 4 wiki guide

Get ready to unravel the potent secrets of Zoltun Kulle's Loom with the introduction of Vaults, a new Dungeon type, a seasonal robotic Seneschal Companion, and Weekly Leaderboards in The Gauntlet. Additionally, numerous quality-of-life features, including frequent Helltide events, will aid in your conquests within the Vaults.

How To Participate In D4's Latest Season

To join the upcoming season starting on January 23, players must create a new character on the Seasonal Realm, a complimentary feature for all Diablo 4 owners. However, to qualify, they need to have completed the Main Campaign with at least one character on the Eternal Realm in prior seasons. Upon meeting this requirement, players can engage in Season of the Construct.

1 season of the construct seasons diablo 4 wiki guide

In the Seasonal Realm, players will have the following options as they embark on their new journey. They will skip the Campaign, access to mounts immediately, unlocking all Altars of Lilith, with retained Renown Points and also Retention of previously discovered maps and corresponding Renown Points. At the end of the roughly three-month season, progress made in the Seasonal Realm, including collected items in the Seasonal stash, will be transferred to the Eternal Realms. However, season-specific features will not carry over.

New Companion in Diablo 4

In the Season of the Construct, Wanderers can harness the Loom's power and obtain their own Seneschal Companion. Zoltun will provide the Seneschal as you advance through the seasonal questline, allowing you to customize it using magical Governing and Tuning Stones found in Vaults and across Sanctuary. Governing Stones dictate attack style, while Tuning Stones offer skill buffs and utility enhancements.

12 season of the construct season 3 diablo 4 wiki guide


New Local Events and Mechanics Rundown

  • Earn a new Seneschal Companion that you can customize to fit your character's build.
  • Challenge yourself and defeat Vaults (new dungeon-like locations)
  • Unlock Wardwoven Chests to earn additional Tuning Stones
  • Level up the Stones to unlock their full potential
  • Collect or craft duplicates of the same Stones, fuse together to grant experience, and level up the current stones.
  • New Weekly Leaderboards is coming with The Gauntlet
  • Defeat Malpha, the newest Boss in Diablo 4


New Equipment & Cosmetics

  • 12 Governing Stones
  • 27 Tuning Stones
  • 2 Fabled Tuning Stones: Evernight and Genesis
  • NEW Legendary Aspects
  • (Barbarian) Lord Eater Cosmetic Bundle
  • Additional rewards info will be added soon!


D4: Season of Construct Quality of Life Updates


Helltides Endure

Beginning with the Season of the Construct, Helltides will be almost constantly active, only pausing for a 5-minute break once every hour. Encounter Hellspawn more frequently, enhancing your opportunities to gather Cinders and the abundant rewards they offer.

Enhanced Movement with W-A-S-D

Wanderers can now explore Sanctuary using the W-A-S-D keys to control their characters! This enhancement promises smoother navigation and reduces reliance on mouse movement, enhancing functionality when exploring dungeons, vaults, and the wider Sanctuary world.

Extra Stash Tab

If storage space is running low in Diablo 4, the game got you covered. An additional Stash Tab is now at your disposal for all your adventuring requirements. Simply head to the Stash in any capital city to acquire this extra tab.

Various other Quality-of-Life Updates

Exciting enhancements are on the horizon, including improvements to reallocating player Skill Trees, refining the User Interface for Gold trading, boosting item drop rates for summoning the Ice Beast, and more. These changes aim to enhance gameplay enjoyment and accessibility for all players!


D4: Season of Construct Battle Pass & Seasons Rewards


In Diablo 4 Seasons, players earn rewards by progressing through the Season Journey and Battle Pass. The Season Journey comprises 4 Chapters with different objectives. Completing objectives grants small rewards while completing a full Chapter unlocks bigger rewards to fuel player determination.

18 season of the construct season 3 diablo 4 wiki guide

As players complete objectives, they'll earn new Legendary Aspects, unlockable Awoken Adamant Armor across high Tiers, and 3 Scrolls of Amnesia for Skill Tree and Paragon Board Resets. The Season Journey rewards Favor, used to climb the Battle Pass tier exclusive to the New Season in Diablo 4, and can also be earned through gameplay. The Season of the Construct Battle Pass activates on January 23, offering 90 Tiers: 28 Free and 62 Premium.

Premium Battle Pass holders receive Awoken Armor Sets, Platinum, and additional cosmetics like Spheral Barding Mount Armor and Awoken Clockwork Equir Mount at Tier 90. Smolderish Ashes from Free Tiers unlock Season Blessings, offering buffs to combat evil forces. The Season of the Construct introduces three new Blessings.

new equid mount season of the construct diablo 4 wiki guide

  • Urn of Enduring Grace: Boost to the duration of Shrine effects.
  • Urn of Tuning: Chance to receive an additional Tuning Stone from Wardwoven chests.
  • Urn of Whispers: Boost the chance to receive a Greater Collection from Whisper rewards.


What is Diablo 4

Diablo 4 continues the Diablo series known for its action role playing genre. They continue to be Developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Activation Blizzard. Since the initial announcements, Endgame Closed beta has been confirmed and World Level, and Skull System Mechanics have been discussed in a few interviews with developers. Diablo 4 was initially announced during the 2019 Blizzcon and was introduced with a cinematic trailer. Diablo 4 will continue the series and begin with Lilith's return to Sanctuary. 

Similar features are expected to return such as familiar Classes from previous titles, the unique difficulty system, and a continuation of the storyline. Much like Diablo Immortal, Diablo 4 will feature a number of available in-game items for purchase, however, developers had wanted to ensure fans that these purchases will not offer any in-game benefits or power, but are bought to further customize characters according to different aesthetics and cosmetic preferences. 

The initial announcements of the game have already introduced some features that can be found through the Beta stages that are open to a small pool of current Diablo players. These players must have their Battle.net setting set to receive marketing and emails in order to receive the invitation if chosen. The End Game Beta will introduce Helltide (Event), Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead, Fields of Hatred (PvP), and Paragon Boards. However, further details on these features may not be released during this period, so those with the invitation will have exclusive access to any unique features found in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4 Features

  • Classes & Character Customization: Familiar Classes from previous installments can be found in this title and are expected to expand as updates are released. So far 5 Classes have been confirmed and players can choose between, Barbarians, Druids, Necromancers, Rogue, and the Sorcerers.
  • Open World Regions: A new feature in Diablo 4 will be its explorable open world, separated into different biomes and regions. 
  • Events: Special events can occur around the map or can affect all regions. Participate in these events to gain prizes and rewards. 
  • PvP: This game was built with PvP features in mind, designating specific zones where players can interact and engage in battle with other players in an attempt to gain more valuable loot. Entering these zones will then force players to be alert as well for the risk of losing some valuable items as well. 
  • Difficulty: Difficulty levels in Diablo 4, will feature some of the same aspects from previous games in the series. They will range from Normal to Torment 5 and players can work their way up the difficulties in order to reap more valuable rewards. 
  • Seasons: Much like the previous titles in the Diablo series, season will be a returning feature that can introduce new questlines, enemies and legendary items as they pass.
  • Season Pass: Blizzard Developers had promised players that this game will have available paid content and features, but will not be a pay-to-win game. Paid content will feature a new Season Pass and more items such as Cosmetics and aesthetic enhancements through Season Pass releases and in-game shop purchases.


The Story and Setting for Diablo 4

Lilith has returned to Sanctuary, summoned by a dark ritual after eons in exile. Her return ushers in an age of darkness and misery.

Following the previous titles in the series, Diablo 4 is set years after the happenings of Diablo 3 take place. Diablo 4 tells the full story of Lilith’s return to Sanctuary. The endless battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells rages on as chaos threatens to consume Sanctuary. With ceaseless demons to slaughter, countless Abilities to master, nightmarish Dungeons, and Legendary loot, this vast, open world brings the promise of adventure and devastation. Survive and conquer darkness – or succumb to the shadows.

cinematic trailer 3 diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min mincinematic trailer diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min mincinematic trailer lilith diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min min


 "The dream continues to haunt me old friend. It always starts with a journey to a distant land. There I find a city in flames. Streets choked with corpses. Unthinkable destruction. I witness senseless slaughter. Brother against brother. Pure hatred. And then, executions. And then suffering surrounded me until my turn comes. It burned my eyes. Break my bones. I wake in terror. There's no-one left to stand against them. You think me mad, old friend. But I know these dreams. They tell of the future. Hell is coming, brother. Hell is coming."

-- Trailer Script 


Legends of Creation

An old legend has it that Sanctuary was created by the union of an angel and a demon, and that their descendants—humanity—built villages, then cities and empires, spreading across the land to form the world's cultures and civilization.

A Reign of Enmity

Chaos threatens to consume Sanctuary as evil and impiety continue to spread. Depraved demons and corrupted wildlife roam the land unchecked, as terrified townsfolk huddle in dark corners trying to survive one more day.

Cult of Personality

The pious plead for guidance from their faith, but doubts have them feeling that their devotion is misplaced. Lilith's return has spawned a new wave of cultists and worshippers, but regardless of dogma, all prayers remain unanswered.

Daughter of Hatred

The daughter of Mephisto awakens burning urges in the hearts of those around her, be it demon, human or beast. Profound fears, unchecked rage, repressed impulses, sinful desires—all are brought forth violently and irresistibly by her mere presence.

Unstoppable Evil

As darkness returns to Sanctuary, a brave few dare to face this threat. But what fate awaits them in a land forsaken by hope, valor, wisdom, and justice?


Unique Combat and Gameplay Mechanics in Diablo 4

What is new in Diablo 4? 

A few of the features below are what we have gathered from Blizzard's regular quarterly updates following the initial announcements of Diablo 4. Until its release, the developers are continuously taking in feedback from the community and continue to make changes to improve different mechanics and systems to work towards a great release. 

  • Itemization: Developers have expressed their desire to strengthen Class identities to further enhance build customization and give each classes more unique features on their own. 
  • Skills & Talents: This is a new system where experience can now be spent to unlock Skill and build your unique skill tree combination to add depth to each build.
  • Legendary Items: Changes are being made to legendary items to bring more focus and value to other aspects and features in the game, so that players are not relyant on obtaining legendary items and the best equipment. 
  • Stats: Players can expect new stats that are different from the regulars seen in previous games. 
  • Class Mechanics: Each Class in Diablo 4, comes with a unique Class Mechanic that governs their playstyle and abilities, allowing to further customize the selected Class, as well as doting it with a distintive and unique system.

What Classes are in Diablo 4? 

As of the initial announcements, the 5 Classes of Diablo 4 have been released seeing some returning familiar Classes from previous installments. The Heroes of the Sanctuary of Diablo 4 are the Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and the Sorcerer. 

The Barbarian has unparalleled strength and expertly wields an entire arsenal in battle, with a weapon for every occasion. He bellows intimidating war cries and unleashes ground-shaking slams to send approaching hordes reeling.

The Druid is a savage shapeshifter, fluidly transforming between the forms of a towering bear or a vicious werewolf to fight alongside the creatures of the wild. He also commands the power of earth, wind, and storm, unleashing nature’s wrath to devastating effect.

A Necromancer’s dominion over life and death grants this grisly apothecary the ability to summon skeleton armies and golems, and to unleash baneful poison, curse, and bone skills upon his foes.

The Rogue is an adaptable, agile warrior who can specialize in ranged or close quarters combat. She can best any foe with her imbued weapons, perform powerful combo attacks, and can augment her arsenal with deadly poisons and shadow magic to slay demons with impunity.

The Sorceress shapes the elements into whatever form is necessary to ensure victory, from hurling bolts of lightning, impaling her foes upon jagged spikes of ice, and raining flaming meteors down from the sky.

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Diablo 4 Build Customization Tips

There is also a lot of customization built in for players to make their characters their own, not only in the way they look, but also with talent trees, skills, and rune words. Rune Words was inspired by Diablo 2, but with a fresh new way to play with options. Of course, there are a number of gear options, set items, and legendary items giving further ways to differentiate builds. Further progressing and leveling will lead to more build customizations, especially at level 50 where players may then have access to the Paragon Board


  • Each Class has their own unique features, strengths and weaknesses. Choose a class that best suits your playstyle and combat preferences. Each class will also have a specific set of Weapons and equipment available to them that can be picked to further customize your build.


  • Collect Equipemnt and gear as your progress through the game and equip what best suits your build. Enhance the strengths of the weapon with other gear and equipment, and make sure the equipment stats complement your character's skills and talents. 

The Paragon Board Diablo 4

This is featured as more endgame content and is unlocked once a Class Character reaches level 50. They then unlock a board where they can begin to spend Paragon points and select the tiles gain bonuses and enhancements to further customize their build. 

  • Tile Tiers: The tiles on the Paragon Board are categorized into tiers such as Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary Tiles
  • Legendary Tiles: Each board will have one available Legendary Tile at the center which can grant Legendary power once unlocked. 

Glyphs and Sockets

  • Socks are special tiles which will contain a Glyph. These will then contain benefits that are affected by the surrounding active tiles. 

Gate Tiles

  • There will be one Gate Tile at the bottom of the Board. Reaching it will allow you to add a new Paragon Board

Diablo 4 World

Character Creation

  • Customization: Choose between the available classes in Diablo 4 and customize your character in battle.
  • Builds: Craft a build that suits your playstyle the most and choose the appropriate equipment, talents, and abilities to accompany your build.
  • Classes: There will be 5 classes available in Diablo 4- Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, Sorcerer 

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Explore the World of Diablo 4

  • Strongholds: Strongholds can be encountered throughout the world of Diablo 4. Clearing out these strongholds can then turn these hostile territories into safe spaces that players can travel back to when exploring the map
  • Pvp Zones: Pvp Zones in Diablo 4 can be entered to engage in PvP battles. Players make mark themselves as hostile, putting a target on their backs. Entering these areas poses as a great risk, but engaging in these areas also reaps great rewards. 
  • Nightmare Dungeons: Unlock diffulty dungeons to gain rewards once you obtain a Nightmare Sigil. 

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Experience the world in Seasons

  • Seasons will be coming back that will work like previous titles like in Diablo III. Seasons will be introduced during launch and will have a four season cycle a year. As each Season begins, players can check for new features, questlines, enemies, legendary items and other additional content. New season will work like before where players can create a new character and stat fresh. Characters from a season that has ended can be accessed in the Eternal Realm and continue to progress. 

Diablo 4 Difficulties

Much like previous titles, the most recent installment will give players the choice to enter high difficulty levels that span to Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties. Recent titles have since then added additional difficulties that now go up to Inferno and Torment difficulty levels. This title will have a difficulty level that goes up to Torment 5, unlike Diablo 3 which ranged from Torment 1 to Torment 16. Progression will work the same way, as seen in previous installments of the Diablo series. As players progress and work through the game, they may progress through high difficulties and unlock more valuable rewards.

  • Normal
  • Nightmare
  • Hell
  • Inferno
  • Torment 

Diablo 4 Online and Multiplayer Options

  • Cross-play: Since the closed Game End Beta was confirmed, developers have announced that it will be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 consoles and will be available for Cross-Play.
  • Cross-Progress: Along with Crossplay options, Cross-progression is also set to accompany its initial Beta release
  • Couch Co-op: The same experiences can be shared in person, allowing couch coop multiplayer options. This allows the game to be a more social experience, bringing this feature back from previous Diablo games. 
  • Pvp: Battles take a turn when you enter PvP zones. Mark yourself as “hostile” and these high-risk, high-reward areas of Sanctuary allow you to take a swing at other players for their valuable loot. But be warned. This also opens you up to being swung at.

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Diablo 4 Beta End Game Content

Since the official announcements of End Game Beta, Blizzard has also confirmed some available features that can be encountered during the Beta on their official website.

  • Helltide

Once players of Diablo 4 have progressed to World Tier Three: Nightmare difficulty, Helltide becomes an available event where players can participate in challenging battles against Lilith's servanced to reap great rewards. Cinders will also be introduced as a new currency that can be used to open Helltide Chests during the event. 

  • Nightmare Dungeons

A Nightmare Sigil is required to participate in these dungeons and they each correspond to a specific dungeon in the Sanctuary. As seen in previous dungeons and events in Diablo 4, these dungeons will add modifiers to the dungeon that will affect the conflict dynamic which may force players to modify their approach to enemies in the area. 

  • Whispers of the Dead

These Whispers can be found on the map where players will be sent on a task to gain rewards and Grim Favors. Collecting 10 Grim Favors will allow players to exchange them at the Tree of Whispers for valuable loot. 

  • Fields of Hatred

Fields of Hatred are the PvP zones where players can engage in battles against other players in order gain more valuable loot. Demons in this regions can also be used to collect Seeds of Hatred, a material that can be used to extract Red Dust. Red Dust can then be exchange for rewards from Pvp Cosmetic and Mount Vendors. 

  • Paragon Board

Paragon Boards are a returning feature from Diablo games. This is an End Game content feature where palryrs can continue to progress and level up after reaching level 50. Gain Paragon Points in order to unlock additional boards, tiles and sockets.  


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