Rogue is a Class in Diablo 4. The Diablo 4 Rogue is an adaptable, agile warrior who can specialize in ranged or close quarters combat. They can best any foe with their imbued weapons, perform powerful combo attacks, and can augment their arsenal with deadly poisons and shadow magic to slay demons with impunity


Rogues use their versatility between ranged and melee combat to dominate the entire battlefield. Shadow arts allow them to move freely between enemy lines and their augmented weapons and combos can deal with all type of enemies.

Rogue Story

An overview of the Rogue background and call to action will be detailed here, including the specific story elements that arise from having picked a Rogue as your class

Rogues use Shadow Realm to deal with a pack of enemies without needing to worry about other threats, Exploit Weakness to quickly counter enemy attacks dealing massive damage and combo attacks, and combo attacks that can be used to release powerful abilities by consuming Combo Points.


Rogue Builds



These are Build Guides for the Rogue class:

  • Build n.1
  • Build n.2
  • Build n.3


Rogue Skills in Diablo 4


Rogue Basic Skills

Left Mouse Button Skills

stab_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Stab
fire_arrow_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Fire Arrow


Rogue Combo Skills

Right Mouse Button Skills

arrow_barrage_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Arrow Barrage


Rogue Weapon Imbue Skills

Keypad N 1 Skills

frost_imbue_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Frost Imbue
poison_imbue_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Poison Imbue
shadow_imbue_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Shadow Imbue



Rogue Defensive Skills

Keypad N 2 Skills

caltrops_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Caltrops
dash_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Dash


Rogue Shadow Skills

Keypad N 3 Skills

shadow_realm_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Shadow Realm


Rogue Ultimate Skills

Keypad N 4 Skills

rain_of_arrows_skill_diablo4_wiki_guide_54px Rain of Arrows



Rogue Talents in Diablo 4

Rogue Left Talent Tree

  • combo_points_talent_diablo4_wiki_guide_50px
    Combo Points

Rogue Right Talent Tree

  • exploit_weakness_talent_diablo4_wiki_guide_50px
    Exploit Weakness



Rogue Equipment

Rogues can equip Swords and Daggers for melee combat and Bows and Crossbows for ranged combat.

Rogue unique equipment and legendary items are:

  •  ???



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