Druid Spirit Skills in Diablo 4 are more powerful Skills that spend the Spirit generated by Druid Basic Skills, dealing more damage. There are both Magic and Shapeshifting Druid Spirit Skills allowing the player to adjust their Skills to their Equipment. There are currently 3 Druid Spirit Skills and these are: Pulverize, Landslide and Tornado. Below you can see what each of these Druid Fury Skills do and how much Spirit they cost to use.


Druid Spirit Skills




Spirit Cost: 30
Shapeshift into a werebear and slam the ground, dealing X damage to nearby enemies.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


Earth Magic


Spirit Cost: 30
Crush enemies between  3 pillars of earth, dealing up to X damage.
Has an additional 10% chance to to deal a Crushing Blow.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


Storm Magic


Spirit Cost: 20
Conjure a vortex that moves outwards and curves in a random direction, dealing X damage every second.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage




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