Grave Dust

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Type Monster Part
Long exposure to the walking dead imbues this dust with their inverse vitality, used in necromantic alchemies.

Grave Dust is a Monster Part in Diablo 4. Grave Dust can be used in necromantic alchemies. Monster Parts are can be used to upgrade Potions at The Alchemist. You can obtain them by defeating different types of monsters. The specific type of Monster Parts that you can get will depend on the type of monster you defeat, so it's important to target the right ones.



How to get Grave Dust in Diablo 4

Grave Dust can be obtained:

  • Can be found in the bodies, bones, or cerements of the undead.



Grave Dust Crafting Uses in Diablo 4



Diablo 4 Grave Dust Notes & Lore

  • Other Notes & Lore for Grave Dust goes here



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