Legendary Weapons in Diablo 4 are some of the most powerful items in Diablo 4, capable of providing players with incredible bonuses and abilities that can help them overcome even the most challenging foes. These weapons are rare and difficult to obtain, but their power makes them well worth the effort. Players can obtain legendary weapons in a variety of ways, including as drops from powerful enemies, rewards for completing challenging quests, or by crafting them using rare materials and recipes.

Legendary Weapons become "Legendary" by having a Legendary Aspect imprinted into them. This means that the weapon "per se" isn't the legendary one, unlike previous Diablo entries, in which you always encounter the same fixed Legendary Weapon, with a unique name. To learn about those kinds of weapons in Diablo 4, please head to Unique Weapons.

All Legendary Weapons can only have one Legendary Aspect at a time. Adding a second Legendary Aspect, will always overwrite the previous one, without exception. 



Diablo 4 Legendary Weapons

Diablo 4 Unlocking the Occultist

The Npc that deals with Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 is The Occultist. He can be found in Kyovashad, and you gain access to his services once you reach Level 10. He can imprint or extract aspects to an item. Players can obtain Legendary Aspects from two different sources, the first one is from the Codex of Power. Players can unlock Legendary Aspects for the Codex of Power by completing Dungeons. The second option, is from Legendary Items 

  • Extracting Aspects: To extract an Aspect, players have to give a Legendary Item to The Occultist, and for a gold fee, he will extract the Aspect from the item. Note that by doing this process, the Legendary Item given to The Occultist will be destroyed.
  • Imprint Aspects: Players can imprint Legendary Aspects into Rare Items or Legendary Items. If the aspect is imprinted on a rare item, the Legendary Aspect will then be added to the previous Affixes the weapon or piece of equipment already has. However, if this is done on a Legendary Item, the newly added Legendary Aspect, will overwrite the previous one. Please be mindful of this before performing a Legendary Aspect overwrite.

How to get the Best Legendary Weapons in Diablo 4

To get a Legendary Weapon early on in Diablo 4, it is a good idea to complete a Dungeon to obtain a Legendary Aspect to imprint. But in order to get the most out of it, it is better to, once you reach level 10 and unlocked The Occultist, talk to him and Enchant a Rare Item. This allows you to chance affixes, for a price. Once you have all the affixes that adapt better to your play style, then add a Legendary Aspect to the item.

It is better to do it this way, and not the other way around, because once the item is Legendary, The Occultist will demand a Fiend Rose, besides Veiled Crystal and a gold fee. The Fiend Rose is a much harder to find Crafting Material.

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