The Occultist in Diablo 4 is an important NPC Vendor in the game who offers a variety of services to help you enhance your gear and create powerful items. One of the key services provided by the Occultist is the ability to enchant your gear to modify the stat rolls, which can significantly improve your character's performance in combat. Additionally, the Occultist can also craft Sigils which are required to access Nightmare Dungeons, as well as extract and imprint Legendary Aspects onto Rare or Legendary gear. This allows you to customize your character's powers and create gear with incredible power. You can either farm specific dungeons to fill out your Codex of Power or look for random gear drops that have the desired Legendary Aspect. However, keep in mind that these services come at a cost and the Occultist requires some coin in exchange for their services.


All Occultist Services in Diablo 4

Imprinting and Extracting Aspects

The Occultist is a vendor that offers an important service in the game. He allows you to extract a Legendary affix from a Legendary item, which destroys the item in the process, and creates a Legendary Aspects. These Aspects are powerful abilities that can affect your playstyle and provide great benefits.

To obtain Legendary Aspects, you must complete specific dungeons for the first time. These Aspects are then added to your Codex of Power, which is a collection of all unlocked Legendary Aspects. You can target specific Aspects by selecting the dungeons on the map that contain the Aspects you want, including Aspects that can be used by all classes or specific Classes. The Occultist will imprint these Aspects onto your gear in exchange for payment.


How to extract an Aspect

If you come across a Legendary Aspects on gear that doesn't fit your build, don't despair. You can extract it at the Occultist for a significant Gold cost. Once extracted, the Aspect is stored in your Aspect Inventory tab, ready for use on a different piece of gear. You can even transfer the Aspect to your Stash if your Aspect Inventory is full. Extracted Aspects come with information about which item types they can be imprinted on and any bonuses they provide when imprinted on specific pieces. This is a great way to repurpose powerful Aspects that would otherwise go to waste on gear you don't use.


How to imprint an Aspect

When you visit the Occultist, you can imprint a Legendary Aspect onto a Rare or Legendary item, transforming it into a more powerful, imprinted item. However, this service comes with a high cost, so you must choose wisely which Aspects to imprint.

Before you make your decision, it's important to know that Aspects are divided into five categories, and each category can only be imprinted on specific gear slots. The categories are Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility, and they correspond to different slots like Shields, Helmets, Chests, or Rings.

It's worth noting that when you add an Aspect to a specific gear slot, it gains additional bonuses. For instance, adding an Aspect to an Amulet increases its power by 50%, while 2-handed weapons receive a 100% bonus. Therefore, it's crucial to plan your character's gear carefully and map out the Aspects for each slot to maximize their benefits. Keep in mind that once an Aspect is imprinted, it cannot be extracted, and the item becomes bound to your character.



Enchanting is a powerful tool that lets you change unwanted affixes on your gear in exchange for a chance at better stats. By rerolling a specific affix, you can improve a sub-par Legendary item and turn it into a great piece of gear. However, keep in mind that once you enchant a specific stat, the item becomes account bound, and you can only attempt to reroll that same stat in the future.

It's important to note that some affixes cannot co-exist on the same item, so learning which stats can roll together is essential to avoid wasting your materials. During the enchanting process, you are presented with two new stats to choose from, and you can opt to keep the current affix if you're not satisfied with the new options. However, keep in mind that the cost still applies, and the affix is considered enchanted.

To enchant rare items, you'll need Veiled Crystals, which you can obtain by salvaging other rare items. Legendary items, on the other hand, require Fiend Rose. So make sure to gather enough materials and gold to take full advantage of the enchanting system.

Aspect Categories

Legendary Aspects are powerful modifications that can only be imprinted on specific slots of rare or legendary items. They are categorized into Offensive, Defensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. Each category can only be imprinted on specific gear slots, so you need to carefully consider which aspects to imprint on which item.

  • The Offensive Aspects can be imprinted on Gloves, 1H Weapons, 2H Weapons (with a 100% effectiveness bonus), Rings, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).
  • Defensive Aspects can be imprinted on Helms, Chests, PantsShields and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).
  • Resource Aspects can be imprinted on HelmsRings, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).
  • Utility Aspects can be imprinted on Helms, Chests, BootsGloves, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).
  • Lastly, Mobility Aspects can only be imprinted on Boots and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).

It's important to note that the Codex always imprints the minimum value and does not display the maximum possible for an Aspect. Additionally, certain flat value powers can scale either with character level or item power. By strategically imprinting Legendary Aspects on your gear, you can enhance your character's build and gain a significant advantage in combat.


All Occultist Locations in Diablo 4

Occultist Shops are manned by different NPCs and are encountered in all regions in different locations. View all NPCs and available Occultists according to their location and click the link to view their locations on the Diablo 4 Map


Fractured Peaks

Dry Steppes




Diablo 4 Interactive Map

diablo 4 dungeons a complete guide of all dungeons in diablo 4


Crafting Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4

The Occultist provides a useful service of crafting Nightmare Sigils, which come in various tiers and are used to increase the difficulty of Dungeons, transforming them into Nightmare Dungeons. The rarity of the items dropped is determined by the tier of the Nightmare Sigil used. Furthermore, each Nightmare Sigil corresponds to a specific dungeon, so players can choose which dungeons they want to make more challenging. The Sigils also come with Dungeon Afflictions that add a layer of customization to the dungeons, affecting players, enemies, and the environment in different ways.

Players have to complete a Priority Quest called Sigil Crafting in order to unlock this ability for The Occultist.


Sacred Nightmare Sigils

Sigil Tier
World Tier
Tier 1-5 3 3 3 Sigil Powder
4,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 6-10 3 3 6 Sigil Powder
6,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 11-15 4 3 11 Sigil Powder
8,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 16-20 4 3 20 Sigil Powder
10,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px

Ancestral Nightmare Sigils

Sigil Tier
World Tier
Tier 21-25 5 4 50 Sigil Powder
13,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 26-30 5 4 80 Sigil Powder
16,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 31-35 5 4 125 Sigil Powder
19,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 36-40 5 4 190 Sigil Powder
22,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 41-50 5 4 275 Sigil Powder
26,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 51-60 5 4 350 Sigil Powder
30,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 61-70 5 4 375 Sigil Powder
35,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 71-80 5 4 400 Sigil Powder
40,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 81-90 5 4 425 Sigil Powder
45,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Tier 91-100 5 4 450 Sigil Powder
50,000 gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px




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