Shields are a special type of Armor in Diablo 4Shields can provide additional protection to your characters while allowing them to perform certain actions. Depending on their rarity, Shields can have random or unique modifiers that greatly increase the player capabilities.

Shields are an excellent way to increase one’s defense in combat. Wielding a shield increases your character’s defensive rating. Additionally, some shields can completely block an attack. Only Barbarians may wield both a shield and a two-handed weapon.


As you journey through Diablo 4, you'll encounter items with varying degrees of rarity, including CommonMagicRareLegendary, and Unique. Typically, these items are influenced by your character's level progression, with Common and Magic items dropping less frequently than rare and Legendary as you level up. Unique items, on the other hand, are extremely rare and are considered to be some of the best items in the game that you may never even find in a single season.

Common items lack additional affixes, while Magic items only have one. Rare items begin with three affixes, and Legendary items can have four. It's important to note that while lower rarity items can be traded, Legendary and Unique items are bound to your account and cannot be traded.

If you're looking to add a Legendary Aspect to your item, it must have a Rare or Legendary rarity. When you imprint a Rare item, it upgrades to a Legendary rarity and becomes bound to your account. Legendary items that you pick up as loot always have a Legendary Aspect attached to them. Unique items, as the name implies, are unique in that they possess special effects that cannot be altered or overwritten.


Types of Rarities

  • Common: Don't have additional affixes modifier
  • Magic: They provide 1 additional affix modifier
  • Rare: They provide 3 extra affixes modifiers
  • Legendary: They provide 4 affixes modifiers
  • Unique: Have special effects that cannot be modified or overwritten.

Powers or Affixes

The power of your equipment determines the range of stats that can appear on your gear. As your character level increases, so too does the item power on the gear that you loot or receive from quests. The affixes on your gear have ranges that also increase as item power increases. For example, a Chest with 290 item power may roll between 7-12 for a Strength affix, whereas that same Chest at 443 item power could roll between 13-18. If you're looking to increase the item power of your gear, fear not, as the Blacksmith is here to help. 

By upgrading a piece of gear, you can raise its item power by 5 per upgrade. Low-level rares can be upgraded up to 3 times, which means you can add up to 15 item power to them. Legendary items, on the other hand, can be upgraded up to 5 times, giving you the potential to add 25 item power. With every increase in item power, you can expect to see an increase in your gear's base stats, such as armor for armor pieces and damage for weapons, as well as affix ranges and implicit stats. One thing to note is that the values of Legendary Aspects appear to be unaffected by increasing an item's power via upgrading.


Shields in Diablo 4

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All Shields Comparison Table

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