Alternate Character Leveling Guide in Diablo 4 is a methodology or series of activities designed to level up alternate characters the fastest way possible in Diablo 4. The methodology involves both manual or player-boosted dungeon runs along with other in-game event activities to diversify the overall experience. This page will go over must-know general tips and tricks as well that any player who aims to level up their alternate characters in as little amount of time investment as possible.


Why Level an Alternate Character?


The Diablo series took a leap and adapted the MMO design to flesh out the gameplay. And Diablo 4 is the first title in the series where we can observe the said overhauls. Aiming to provide a different experience compared to its predecessors. Diablo 4 requires a stable internet connection, requiring players to stay online while playing the game. Note that you can see other players roaming around in towns or key points or party with them in dungeons. You are most welcome to play solo in the said dungeons any time you wish to do so if that is what you prefer. Playing solo and being engaged in its lore and main campaign is one great way to enjoy the game. After players completed the main campaign, an option to skip the main campaign when making alt characters. This is where alternate characters will start their progress if you so desire to create one. Why make an alternate character? There are various reasons why players engage in such activities. First is gameplay variations. Experiencing the fresh gameplay that these other classes provide adds longevity to Diablo 4's gameplay loop.

Blizzard aims to make Diablo 4 a lifetime service thus they paid attention to its end-game content, especially to its great gameplay loop to engage players and make them play longer. The vast array of class builds, different playstyles and their complexity are enough to provide more than hundreds of hours of gameplay thus explaining the core reason why players want to create more characters. The second reason is to fulfill certain roles when playing in multiplayer. Players can tackle Diablo 4's content by teaming up with other players in the game. Why not do it with friends then? A diversified party to engage end-game content provides an edge since each class performs differently from one another and provides both offensive and defensive advantages to conquer adversaries. These are two major points why players create more characters in Diablo 4. There are other reasons out there and since we already have an idea of the major whys, it is time for the actual guide that will you in creating your alternate character and grow it the fastest way possible.

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Alternate Character Leveling Guide For Diablo 4

Account Wide Shared Currencies and Progress

In this section will be checking out the activities that you can do with your main character so your alternate character will benefit in a lot of ways. You've completed the campaign with your main character and accumulated a good amount of in-game currency. What if I tell you that the majority of the said currencies can be shared and enjoyed by your alternate characters? Yes, indeed. In Diablo 4, in-game currencies such as Gold, Renown, Materials, Gear and etc can be shared with your alternate character. Thus, we have prepared tips and a series of activities that you need to do first in your main character before playing your alt to enjoy faster progress.

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Noting Areas, Quests & Waypoints

When you played your main character, you accumulated knowledge about the world of Sanctuary. Your knowledge about the dungeons that you've completed, where to level up quickly, quests, and events taking notes of the waypoints that you've unlocked since you can access this in your alt. Your overall knowledge of the game will surely help you progress fast when playing in your alternate character since you've already gone through the majority of your first playthrough.

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Build Up Your Renown

Every primary zone possesses its own Renown tracker, which grants rewards upon reaching specific milestones. The stages consist of 5 levels, categorized into account-wide and individual character rewards. To access the last two stages, you must first unlock the 3rd World Tier.

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Upon completing all Renown boards, every character in your account is awarded 10 Skill Points, 5 Potion Charges, 400 Obol capacity, and an additional 20 Paragon Points. Thus, it is highly advisable to build your Renown first in your main character so the account-wide bonuses will be unlocked. Your character will be much stronger in general and also raises the chances of survivability.

Codex of Power Farming

One of the important activities that you can do for your main character is the Codex of Power Farming. Players can complete dungeons seamlessly with their characters and unlock the Codex of Power they desire. It is advisable to target the Codices that your alternate character needs. For example, you are building a Rogue Class and farming helpful Codices that aligns with its skills and general build. Imagine starting your new player with all of these add-ons, going over the content will be a breeze.

Craft Elixirs In Your Main Character

Elixirs are items that can be consumed to provide your Character with specific buffs lasting for a period of 30 minutes. These buffs can enhance various Resistances, boost Attack Speed, and each Elixir increases your Experience gain by 5% throughout its entire duration. By maintaining an ample stock of Elixirs in your "Consumables" section, you can effectively speed up your leveling progress and optimize your Character for challenging content.

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It's important to note that only one Elixir can be active at a time, and they remain unaffected by Character death, meaning they won't expire. Stack these up in your main character so your alternate character can use the said Elixirs to enjoy a constant experience multiplier. This will help you progress and level up faster.

Single Player Method


Solo Leveling Method

When playing in your alternate characters it is advisable to play under World Tier 1 so you can sweep enemies in dungeons swiftly. World Tier 2 provides an additional 20% experience buff however, enemies are strong and harder in general. It is also suggested that depending on your builds, you might want to balance this out. Observe your alternate character if you can clear enemies without issues in World Tier 2, if yes, proceed accordingly. While if you find it inefficient, you are most welcome to go back to World Tier 1.

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Taking Advantage of Tree of Whispers Quests

Doing Tree of Whispers quests in the middle of dungeon runs is a great way to stack up experience. Not only you can stack up experience quickly, but your alternate character can also gather new gear by doing Tree of Whispers quests. Your usual routine will be activating the Tree of Whispers quest, clearing the objective before entering a dungeon, and then, completing the dungeon. Be strategic in your routes while going through the map, and check all the possible Tree of Whispers quests that you can take on before entering a dungeon.

Dungeons Are The Key

When playing solo, it is without a doubt that spamming dungeons is the best way to gain experience in general. Experiment with the dungeons around the map according to your current level, builds, and gear, and observe if you can fare well and clear enemies as fast as possible. Your knowledge of your main character will help you decide which location is best. This method is the best one to do if you want to reach level 50 fast however there are caveats to it. One is it will be repetitive, leading you to not have fun in the process. If this is not for you, you are always welcome to try completing side quests in general while popping dungeons at the same time, just to have diversity in your gameplay. You are always welcome to try the next method if this is not for you.

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Clear Main Campaign

Now that dungeon runs are out of the way, clearing the Main Campaign all over again is not a bad idea. Immersing yourself in the story with a brand-new character is quite something and fun to experience. This will not provide you with the best amount of experience points per hour, but you will have a slow steady pace that provides a little bit of spice in your gameplay. Take it as a new game plus like in other games.

Dungeon Power Leveling Method

If you decide to choose the dungeon spamming path we do have more suggestions down the line. Aside from the preferred dungeons that you want your runs on, we have handpicked certain dungeons that provide the best amount of experience points per hour. In the town of Manestad, we will be focusing on three dungeons in this power leveling method. Teleport your way to Manestad to start the process.

Mercy's Reach & Forbidden City Runs

After you made the necessary preparations for your alternate character, play in World Tier 2, depending on your progress later, you might want to change it back to Tier 1. Teleport to Manestad and we will be focusing on two particular dungeons where we will do our runs and cycle through as well. Note that you can start Forbidden City even at level 1. Forbidden City is an ideal spot to grind due to the packs of Ghouls residing in it.

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If you are ready, head through the dungeon. Run through the dungeon and start aggroing all of the enemies around and pull as much as you can. Blast them with hard-hitting AOEs and that should do the job. Progress through the dungeon by doing the same tactics but if you find it overwhelming at times, you can proceed at your own pace and deal with small packs of enemies at a time.

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It is worth noting that you are not obliged to defeat the boss in this dungeon. As long as you clear 80 to 90% of the dungeon, you can leave the dungeon and head to the next. This applies to Mercy's Reach as well and remember, you need to cycle in both dungeons since there will be a cooldown for you to do it again. In this dungeon, your aim is to clear the Elite monsters as fast as you can. After pulling and clearing monster packs and reaching 80 to 90% of the dungeon, leave the dungeon. Ultimately, your aim is to reach level 30 so you can head on to the next objective.

Kor Dragan Runs - Stronghold Dungeon Farming

Before you try this farming in this dungeon, improve all the possible aspects that you can work on in your alternate character. Like equipping new gear, leveling your skills, or unlocking new ones. If you are ready, Kor Dragan is our ticket to level 50. We will go over in this dungeon and eventually reach level 50 and tackle end-game content for your alternate character. The basic strategy applies, pull Elites and enemy packs in the first to the third area. After clearing 80 to 90% of the enemies in this dungeon, leave the game via the options menu and log in to the game.

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After you log in, your character will be spawning at the entrance of the dungeon and also it will respawn the enemies you've cleared. Repeat the process and eventually reach level 50. When you reach level 50, your alternate character is ready to tackle end-game content. We do understand that this power leveling method is not for everyone and as mentioned, feel free to follow your playstyle and enjoy the game however how you want to.

Multiplayer Method


Multiplayer Level Boosting Method

Coop leveling in Diablo 4 is broken in the sense that it will completely bypass the single-player methods above. At this early on, it is a fact that getting boosted by other players is the fastest way to level up in the game. To do this, get a high-level friend or a player, party up and engage Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad, stay at the entrance, and let your friend do the work by clearing all the enemies and eventually slay the boss in Cathedral of Light.

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This will unlock your World Tier e Difficulty to finally access end-game content. However, this doesn't stop here. Depending on how strong your companion is, this player can accompany you to Nightmare Dungeons which net you more exp and better gear.

While playing in Nightmare Dungeons, it is worth noting that Dungeon Event procs when certain conditions are met. Be very cautious when these events procs, the system will spawn monsters randomly on the players in the dungeon. These monsters can cause you death in an instant, leading to the runs getting ruined.

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If you decide to go in this route, gather friends and other players to help you in this journey. This is indeed the fastest way of leveling alternate characters in Diablo 4. There are a handful of players who will deviate from this method and it is a fine thing to do so. With all the available methods we suggest, feel free to juggle between them and find the most enjoyable gameplay experience for you.

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