Currencies in Diablo 4 are items that are used for various purposes, such as buying and upgrading items, Crafting, and gambling. They are essentially forms of in-game currency that can be earned through various means, such as completing Quests, killing enemies, or trading with other players. Each currency has its own unique uses and can be valuable in different ways depending on the player's goals and playstyle.



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Red Dust
Platinum ♦


Diablo 4 Gold Duide gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px

Information on Gold

This is the main currency of Sanctuary that is used across most Vendors and Crafters. It is easily farmable and can be obtained just by playing the game.

There are various places you can go to farm your Gold, several enemies that drop a generous amount of Gold, and several Vendors to spend your Gold. It is advised to keep selling your gear in the early stages of the game to gain as much Gold as possible to get you through the later stages of the game. 

Players can also Trade Gold and several other items with other players, however there are some items that cannot be traded.

Can be Traded:

  • Common Items
  • Magic Items
  • Rare Items
  • Gold Gems
  • Elixirs

Cannot be Traded:

  • Legendary Items & Aspects
  • Unique Items
  • Enchanted Items
  • All other currencies except for Gold
  • Quest Items

How to Farm Gold

There are several ways players can farm and obtain Gold in Diablo 4, simply playing the game will help you farm for Gold. For instance, killing Enemies will get you a fortune as they drop a generous amount of Gold, but there are various ways to gain more.

Completing Quests

Playing the game alone will help players gain some Gold. Simply completing the Main Quests, Side Quests, Local Events and Priority Quests will give you a generous amount of Gold.

Selling to Vendors

As you complete Dungeons, Side Quests, Events etc. You will have accumulated spare amounts of Weapons, and Armor that you can sell to various Vendors.

Greed Shrines

Shrines will generally spawn randomly around Sanctuary, however players can look out for Shrines with a coin icon above it to interact with it and gain a 30 second buff that allows enemies to drop Gold when hit, and players will automatically pick up Gold from farther away.

Treasure Goblins

Defeating Enemies will often drop loot as well as Gold. However players may stumble upon a Treasure Goblin, just like Shrines, they appear randomly around Sanctuary. They often drop more gear than gold so you can still sell them to Vendors if they're not needed.

Where to Spend Gold

The Alchemist

The Blacksmith

  • Players can use Gold to repair Equipment. It is advised to frequently repair your Equipment to always keep your gear in pristine condition.
  • Players can also upgrade Weapons and Armor after collecting enough Crafting Materials and Gold to improve your character's gear.
  • Players can gain access to The Blacksmith upon completion of a priority quest to meet Zivek the blacksmith in Kyovashad at level 10.

The Jeweler

  • In exchange for Gold, players can go to The Jeweler to craft jewelry and gems, add sockets to your gear, unsocket gems, as well as upgrading your jewelry.
  • Players can gain access to The Jeweler upon completion of a priority quest to visit The Jeweler in Kyovashad at level 20.

The Occultist

The Skill Tree

  • Players will need enough Gold to refund Skill Points at the Skill Tree as the cost to respec will depend on the number of points that you have invested already.
  • Can be used to refund points invested into the Skill Tree or Paragon. Purchasing and Upgrading Gear Crafting various items extracting and applying Legendary Aspects to items Trading.


Diablo 4 Midwinter Proof 

Information on Midwinter Proof D4

Midwinter Proof is a type of currency in Diablo 4 that can be obtained through exchanging materials in Midwinter Square. The Midwinter Proof can then be used to purchase various items from the Midwinter Proof Vendor in Kyovashad.

There are 3 materials that can be exchanged for Midwinter Proof and the exchange rates are the following:

  • 300 Blighted Fragments to 1 Midwinter Proof
  • 30 Lost Heirlooms to 1 Midwinter Proof
  • 1 Red-Cloaked Trophy to 1 Midwinter Proof

Once players have gathered enough materials, they can proceed to the Collection's Table at Midwinter Square in Kyovashad to exchange them.

Where to Spend Midwinter Proof in Diablo 4

Midwinter Proof can only be obtained by exchanging 1 of the 3 materials in the Collection's Table. After players have acquired enough Midwinter Proof, they can spend this on the Midwinter Square Vendor to purchase time-limited cosmetics, a new offensive aspect, a magical elixir, and caches that drop random items. 

Players may exchange Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, or a Red-Cloaked Trophy into a Midwinter Proof. They can obtain these materials by participating in Midwinter Events by eliminating midwinter-themed enemies, destroying structures, or slaying the boss.



Midwinter Proof Guide in Diablo 4

The newly added Midwinter-themed enemies and structures will be found scattered in the snowy regions of Kyovashad. This event is similar to a Helltide event where players will be rewarded for eliminating Midwinter Demons, destroying objects, and slaying the Midwinter boss found in the purple-marked regions. There are 3 ways to obtain Midwinter Proof in Diablo 4:

  1. Defeat Midwinter Demons in Fractured Peaks for Blighted Fragment
  2. Destroy Frigid Husks for Lost Heirlooms
  3. Defeat the Red-Cloaked Terror for the Red-Cloaked Trophy


How to Get Midwinter Proof in Diablo 4

Defeat Midwinter Demons for Blighted Fragments

Midwinter-themed enemies are found scattered across the snowy regions of Kyovashad. To make the most out of your farm in Diablo 4, make sure to participate in Blighted Revelry to earn the most Blighted Fragments. These events are marked by the orange ping indicating the event in progress. There will be several Midwinter-themed enemies that will appear during this period and they randomly drop 5-7 Blighted Fragments each time they are killed.

If you complete the Blighted Revelry event within the allotted time for mastery, you will also get to encounter the Red-Cloaked Terror that drops an item upon defeat, that can also be exchanged for a Midwinter Proof.

Aside from these events, players will also find Midwinter-themed enemies scattered throughout Kyovashad.


Destroy Frigid Husks for Lost Heirlooms

Aside from the Midwinter-themed enemies, there are also Midwinter-themed structures called Frigid Husks. These are objects that can be destroyed and found in the snowy regions of Kyovashad. Destroying these objects will randomly drop 1-4 Lost Heirlooms that can be used to exchange for a Midwinter Proof.

Players can exchange 30 Lost Heirlooms for 1 Midwinter Proof and use them to buy from the Midwinter Square Vendor in Kyovashad.


Slay the Red-Cloaked Terror for the Red-Cloaked Trophy

The Red-Cloaked Terror is a boss introduced in the Midwinter Blight event of Diablo 4. You can encounter this boss when you complete the Blighted Revelryh event in the stated time which is roughly 1 minute and 50 seconds. After clearing the event, The Red-Cloaked Terror will appear in the same location.

Defeating the Red-Cloaked Terror will reward you with 1 Red-Cloaked Trophy which can be exchanged for a Midwinter Proof at the Collection's Table in Kyovashad.


Exchange Materials into Midwinter Proofs in Diablo 4

Players can convert the materials gathered into Midwinter Proofs by visiting the Collection's Table found near Gileon at the Midwinter Square (Kyovashad). In the table below, you will find the exchange rates and how to use Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, and the Red-Cloaked Trophy:

Material Name

Exchange Rate

How to Obtain

Blighted Fragments 300 Blighted Fragments to 1 Midwinter Proof Dropped by Midwinter Demons
Lost Heirloom 30 Lost Heirlooms to 1 Midwinter Proof Obtained by destroying Frigid Husks
Red-Cloaked Trophy 1 Red Cloaked Trophy to 1 Midwinter Proof Dropped by the Red-Cloaked Terror


Diablo 4 Midwinter Square Vendor Inventory

Players can use Midwinter Proof to purchase a variety of items such as cosmetics, an offensive aspect, a new magical elixir, and other various items from the Midwinter Square Vendor. You can open the shop by speaking to Gileon in Kyovashad.

Mounts must be unlocked in order to be able to use ant Cosmetics or Equipment, players will have to complete the priority quest called Donan's Favor to gain access to Mount and the Mount services at the Stable Master.


Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols Guide 

Information on Murmuring Obols

Murmuring Obols is a currency that can only be used at The Purveyors of Curiosities or any to purchase unidentified items and Whispering Keys, a core item to opening Silent Chests. The gear will only be identified when purchased and will unveil the item to be a common, uncommon, rare, or legendary piece of gear.

There is a limit on how many Obols you can carry at once so players can either spend them or increase the Obols storage by finding Altars of Lilith and increasing Renown with each region.

How to Farm Murmuring Obols

You can earn Obols by participating in Local Events, Dungeon Events, and certain Side Quest reward caches. Completing the main and side objectives of an event will reward you with 35 Obols. Some side quests will sometimes reward you with a small bundle of Obols as well. Dungeons and Cellars have a high chance of spawning their own events that reward players with Obols upon completion.

These can be spent at The Purveyor of Curiosities for a chance to obtain powerful Legendary Powers, which can significantly improve your character's abilities. Earned from random Events in Sanctuary.

Murmuring Caches are containers with 50  Obols in them. Players will need to keep an eye out for their Obol limit to make sure none is wasted.

Where to Spend Murmuring Obols

The Purveyor of Curiosities

  • Various Curiosity Vendors can be located in every major hub towns in Sanctuary, and is indicated on the map with a little moneybag icon.
  • Players can use Murmuring Obols to gamble for items of random rarities for different equipment, you can do this if you max out the about of Obols you can carry.
  • In addition, players can also spend 20 Murmur Obols to purchase Whispering Keys. These keys open Silent Chests that can be found all over Sanctuary that contains Gold and random equipment.
Item Price
Whispering Key 20 Obols
One-Handed Weapon 50 Obols
Off-Hand Weapon 40 Obols
Helmet 40 Obols
Chest Armor 40 Obols
Gloves 40 Obols
Pants 40 Obols
Boots 40 Obols
Amulet 60 Obols
Ring 60 Obols
Two-Handed Weapon 75 Obols

How to Increase Murmuring Obols Storage

Be default, players can only carry 500 Obols at a time leaving the extra Obols to be wasted, so it is important for players to keep an eye out on your Obols. Players can spend Obols or increase the capacity of Obols you can carry.

To increase your Obol storage, you have to reach Rank 4 Renown with each region as well as by collecting Altars of Lilith. R4 Renown will increase your Obols cap by +80, and Altars of Lilith can upgrade your capacity by +20. Most Alters will upgrade a player's HP or stats but a percentage of it grants a +5 boost to increase the amount of Obols that can be carried


Diablo 4 Red Dust Guide  red dust currency icon diablo 4 wiki guide

Information on Red Dust

Red dust is type of PvP currency in Diablo 4 that is obtained through Seeds of Hatred. It can be used to purchase items from PvP Vendors located in Dry Steppes and Kehjistan.

The currency can be earned by successfully purifying Seeds of Hatred at Altars of Extraction. Seeds of Hated are dropping from demons, Events, and other players in the Fields of Hatred. However, Seeds of Hatred can only be obtained in PvP zones, making this currency particularly valuable for those who excel at player versus player combat.

It is advised to purify and convert them to prevent yourself from losing them by getting defeated by another player.

How to Farm Red Dust

Seeds of Hatred are only obtainable in PvP zones and earned from Altars of Extraction by successfully purifying Seeds of Hatred. 

Seeds of Hatred are dropped and is automatically lost if you leave the zone. However, if you use the Altar of Extraction or the Purification Ritual, the seeds you have will be converted into Red Dust and will remain in your inventory. It is always advised to make sure that your equipment is sufficiently upgraded and that you are well stocked with the resources you need to survive.

The few ways to farm Seeds of Hatred. Collecting as loot is one of more common ways to gain Seeds of Hatred. You can collect them from players you have defeated in PvP or collecting them from monsters you have defeated. Players must keep in mind that some of your Seeds of Hatred will be lost when you get defeated as well, so you will need to remember to turn them into Red Dust time to time so you will not lose them. To do this, players will need to go to the Altar of Extraction to perform a ritual to turn your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust. However, you must be careful as other players will get notified when the Altar has been activated.

Where to Spend Red Dust

Cursed Scroll Vendor

There are several NPCs that have scrolls you can purchase using Red Dust located in a town in any of the PvP sub-zones.

Cursed Scroll of Recklessness
  • +40% movement speed for 15 seconds
  • Deals 2% of maximum life as bleed damage
  • Costs 800 Red Dust

Cursed Scroll of Tranquility

  • -30% damage taken from players
  • +30% damage taken from monsters
  • Lasts 20 seconds
  • Costs 800 Red Dust

Cursed Scroll of Chaos

  • Teleport to a random location in the region
  • Costs 1,200 Red Dust


Odds and Ends Vendor

These NPCs provide services of have a tradable stock where players can interact and trade with set Merchants. The Odds and Ends Vendor specializes in selling Cosmetic Armor pieces that can only be encountered within the Field of Hatred zones of the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan regions and only accept Red Dust as payment. Players will need to visit one of their the of the Fields of Hatred to unlock it.

Each Odds and Ends Vendor will usually carry a stock of each of these equipments.

  • Cosmetic Helm
  • Cosmetic Chest Armor
  • cosmetic Gloves
  • Cosmetic Boots
  • Cosmetic Pants

Unsavory Oddities Vendors

These are NPCs that typically have an unrevealed mystery set of Equipment which includes some types of gear with a set price. Similar to how Purveyor of Curiosities work but with a different currency.

Each of these items cost 3000 Red Dust each.

  • Cap
  • Tunic
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Pants


Unconventional Steed Armor Vendor

Players can use Red Dust to purchase a variety of items such as cosmetics, mounts, and other random equipment but they can get quite costly.

Mounts must be unlocked in order to be able to use ant Cosmetics or Equipment, players will have to complete the priority quest called Donan's Favor to gain access to Mount and the Mount services at the Stable Master.

Item Type Cost
Dark Knight's Strongbox Mount Cosmetic 30,000 Red Dust
Cruel Assassin's Saddlebag Mount Cosmetic 30,000 Red Dust
Brutal Wizard's Standard Mount Cosmetic 30,000 Red Dust
Dark Knight's Barding Mount Cosmetic 40,000 Red Dust
Cruel Assassin's Barding Mount Cosmetic 40,000 Red Dust
Brutal Wizard's Barding Mount Cosmetic 40,000 Red Dust
Bloody Warlord's Warning Armor Cosmetic 75,000 Red Dust
Demonic Warlord's Windchimes Armor Cosmetic 75,000 Red Dust
Bloody Warlord's Barding Mount Cosmetic 85,000 Red Dust
Demonic Warlord's Barding Mount Cosmetic 85,000 Red Dust
Reins of the Bloody Steed Unique Horse Mount 100,000 Red Dust


Diablo 4 Platinum Guide

Information on Platinum

Premium currency that can only be obtained using real money to purchase paid Battle Passes, Battle Pass Tier Skips, and cosmetic items at the Shop.

Platinum can be purchased with local currency and can earn limited amounts through the premium Battle Pass rewards. Players have only one Platinum balance across all platforms that can be spent regardless of the platform it was purchased on. It is a currency that is account based, meaning it is only used for a players characters and is not tradable amongst other players.

Where to Spend Platinum

There are various ways players can spend their Platinum on. In the Shop, players can purchase cosmetics, accessories, mounts and mount armors. Apart from the cosmetics, players can also make game upgrades and add ons as well as the Battle Pass.



Battle Pass

Diablo 4's Battle Pass will be a part of Diablo 4 Season 1 which is set to begin in mid-to-late- July. The Battle Pass consists of rewards you can get for free as well as premium rewards by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass or the Accelerated Battle Pass. Players will need to note that the main campaign must be completed before taking part in the new content added in the first seasonal update.

The Diablo 4 Battle Pass will expand for roughly 3 months and will take roughly 80 hours of gameplay. Some might finish the Battle Pass sooner than other players as there are Battle Pass Tier Skips as well as the Accelerated Battle Pass that already includes 20 Tier Skips.

Battle Pass Tier Price Rewards
Battle Pass Free 27 tiers
Premium Battle Pass 1,000 Platinum 90 tiers
Accelerated Battle Pass 2,800 Platinum 90 tiers, with 20 tiers unlocked immediately



The Battle Pass include a variety of cosmetics that players can use to customize their characters with. Majority of the Battle Pass rewards consist of cosmetics for you Armor or Weapons, Backpacks, Mounts, and Emotes.

Premium Currency

Players can also get Platinum as rewards to purchase cosmetic bundles in the in-game Shop.

Smoldering Ash

This is a currency exclusive to Seasonal Battle Passes to unlock and upgrade Seasonal Blessings, which is used to accelerate in seasonal progress. Smoldering Ash is only obtainable by progressing in the game through killing monsters and leveling up, which can later be spent on experiences, elixir duration and salvage yields.

Players will not be able to keep their remaining Smoldering Ash to gain a boost for the following season as it is not transferrable between Seasons.


Season Blessings

Season Blessings are items that grant your character with unique buffs when equipped. To acquire these Seasonal Blessings, it requires Smoldering Ashes and cannot be purchased with Platinum. Players can also use Smoldering Ashes to upgrade the effects of the individual Season Blessings.

The bonus buffs gained from Season Blessings only last until that respective Season ends. However, since Season Blessings affect the gameplay, players must reach a certain level requirement to claim Smoldering Ashes and must be earned by achieving gameplay requirements.

Players will not gain advantage by purchasing Tier Skips as Season Blessings and Smoldering Ashes tie in with character levels.

Urn of Aggression: Boost to XP earned from monster kills.

Urn of Bargain: Boost to the amount of Gold earned from vendor sales.

Urn of Reclamation: Boost to the change of rare materials from salvage

Urn of Prolonging: Boost to the duration of all Elixirs. 


In-Game Shop

Diablo 4 has an in-game shop where you can buy items for your character customization as well as weapons and mounts. The items are categorized into the different classes as well as a "Recommended For You" section that acts more like a "Featured" section, all these items are also sold in bundles.

Accessories - Back Trophy, Emote, Headstone, Marking. 

Armor - Boots, Chest Armor, Gloves, Helm, Pants. 

Weapons -  Bow, Dagger, Focus, Mace, Polearm, Shield, Staff, Sword, Totem, Two-Handed Sword, Wand.


Bundle Included Items Price (Platinum)
Ill-Gotten Gains Accessories 1,000
Totem of Ursus Armor 1,400
The Lion of Arreat




The Lion's Share Accessories 800


Bundle Included Items Price (Platinum)
Watcher in The Wilds Armor 1,700
Sunken Treasure Accessories 900
Thorns of Penitence




Atonement Measures Accessories 800


Bundle Included Items Price (Platinum)
Desert Datura Armor 1,500
Death in Hawezar Armor 1,400
Death Throes Accessories 800
Triune Apostate




Duality Manifest Accessories 800
Viscera Maven Armor 1,800
Wraith Lord






Bundle Included Items Price (Platinum)
Blight Warden Armor 1,300
Tools of the Hunt Accessories 1,000
Dressed to Kill Armor 1,300
Raised by Wolves




Weights and Measures Accessories 800
Blood for Money






Bundle Included Items Price (Platinum)
Sorceric Binding Accessories 800
Magic of the Sands Armor 1,200
Fractured Magic




Thaumaturge Armor 1,800
The Host of Chaos




Elder Symbology Accessories 1,000


Bundles Included Items Price (Platinum)
Bloodfiend Advent

Mount Armor

Mount Trophy x2

Brackish Fetch

Mount Armor

Mount Trophy x2

The Weight of Gold


Mount Armor

Mount Trophy x2

Death's Burden

Mount Armor

Mount Trophy x2



How to Get Platinum

Platinum can be purchased with your local currency on the shop or the in-game Shop. The prices and the amount of Platinum players will get out of it is in the table below.

Platinum Price (USD)
200 $1.99
500 $4.99
1000 $9.99
2800 $24.99
5700 $49.99
11500 $99.99


Diablo 4 Pearls of Warding

In Diablo 4's Season 3, the Season of the Construct, Pearls of Warding are essential. They serve two main purposes: providing Zoltun's Warding for dungeon protection and acting as currency for buffs and boss encounters. To efficiently obtain D4 Pearls of Warding, players can engage in Arcane Tremor events and explore Vault dungeons, enhancing their overall Season of the Construct experience.


pearl of warding diablo 4 wiki guide 354

Zoltun's Warding is gained by exchanging Pearls at statues of Zoltun Kulle in Vault dungeons. This buff protects players from traps, and the remaining stacks determine how many chests they can open after completing the dungeon. Pearls of Warding are also used to summon Uber Malphas, the main boss. Defeating Uber Malphas rewards players with Genesis and Evernight Unique Tuning Stones for the Seneschal Companion.

To farm Pearls of Warding, players can participate in Arcane Tremor events by interacting with Braziers. These events lead to a mini-boss battle, and defeating it drops Pearls along with other items. Vault dungeons are another source where players can find Pearls in chests at the end of the dungeon.



Diablo 4 Other Currencies Guides

Currency Description How to Get
Seeds of Hatred PvP exclusive currency that turns into Red Dust after being purified. Obtained from slaying demons, completing events and Quests, opening chests, and defeating other players as well in the Fields of Hatred.
Grim Favors Currency that is used at the Tree of Whispers to exchange with experiences and random caches. Earned as rewards from the daily Whispers of the Dead Bounties.
Whispering Keys Used to unlock Silent Chests scattered around the open world. Can be purchased at The Purveyors Curiosities for 20 Murmuring Obols.
Aberrant Cinders Currency exclusive to Helltide events to open Helltide Caches that contain items of specific equipment slots. Obtained from slaying demons, completing events, and opening chests during Helltide events.

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