Currencies in Diablo 4 are items that are used for various purposes, such as buying and upgrading items, Crafting, and gambling. They are essentially forms of in-game currency that can be earned through various means, such as completing Quests, killing enemies, or trading with other players. Each currency has its own unique uses and can be valuable in different ways depending on the player's goals and playstyle.


All Currencies in Diablo 4



This currency is a vital resource that can be acquired by defeating monsters, opening chests, or selling items and legendary aspects. It is required for a wide range of activities, including:

Murmuring Obols

You can earn Obols by participating in Outside Events. These can be spent at The Purveyor of Curiosities for a chance to obtain powerful Legendary Powers, which can significantly improve your character's abilities.

Red Dust

PvP currency is a valuable resource in Diablo 4. It can be used to purchase items from PvP Vendors located in Dry Steppes and Kehjistan. The currency can be earned by successfully purifying Seeds of Hatred at Altars of Extraction. However, Seeds of Hatred can only be obtained in PvP zones, making this currency particularly valuable for those who excel at player versus player combat.

  • Used to purchase items from PvP Vendors in Dry Steppes and Kehjistan.
  • Earned from Altars of Extraction by successfully purifying Seeds of Hatred.
  • Seeds of Hatred are only obtainable in PvP zones.




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