Cellars in Diablo 4 are a type of instanced content. Cellars are much smaller in scale compared to Dungeons, typically containing only one objective, and taking place in a single room. Cellars can be found in the overworld, with most zones/sub-regions having at least one. Each Cellar will have at least one Elite enemy and will award players with a chest upon completion. Some Cellars may also involve a small puzzle to solve, and can occasionally spawn Events and Shrines within. This page features a list of all Cellars available in Diablo 4, including their Regions, sub-zones and location on the Interactive Map.

  • Cellars are marked on the map with the cellar icon diablo 4 wiki guide icon.


All Cellars in Diablo 4

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Dry Steppes | Fractured Peaks | Hawezar | Kehjistan | Scosglen


Dry Steppes Cellars



Fractured Peaks Cellars



Hawezar Cellars



Kehjistan Cellars



Scosglen Cellars



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