Blood Orb


Heal you for 15% of your Maximum Life when picked up.

Blood Orb is a game-mechanic in Diablo 4 that is exclusive to Necromancers. Necromancers have the ability to spawn Blood Orbs, crimson entities that spawn on the battlefield. These orbs act as equivalent to health globes, healing the player for 15% of their Maximum Life upon consumption. Necromancers can build around blood orbs to acquire damage bonuses or buff survivability effectiveness.


Diablo 4 Blood Orb Information

  • Heal you for 15% of your Maximum Life when picked up.



Skills, Stats & Weapons that provide Blood Orb in Diablo 4

The following Skills provide Blood Orb



The following Equipment provide Blood Orb


  • Example


  • Example

Legendary Aspects

  • Aspect of the Embalmer


Diablo 4 Blood Orb Notes and Lore

  • Notes & Lore for Blood Orb goes here


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