The Jeweler in Diablo 4 is an essential NPC that can make a significant difference in your character's strength. With a wide range of gems available, you can craft powerful enhancements that can be socketed into your gear, giving you an edge in battle. The Jeweler offers the flexibility to swap out gems whenever you want, without destroying them, making it easy to experiment and try out different combinations. But that's not all, just like The Blacksmith, the Jeweler can also upgrade your Rings and Amulet, increasing their bonus Resistances and extra Stats.

In exchange for Crafting Materials and Gold, the Jeweler can help you craft jewelry and gems, add sockets to your gear, unsocket gems, and upgrade your jewelry. So be sure to visit the Jeweler in major towns like Kyovashad to make the most of your character's potential.


All Jeweler Services in Diablo 4


How to unlock the Jeweler

Upon reaching level 20, a Priority Quest objective will be given to you, requiring a visit to The Jeweler in Kyovashad. You will be assigned a task to upgrade a Crude Ruby into a Chipped Ruby, which involves crafting it with Gold and three Crude Rubies.

But what's the use of a Gem without a Socket? Sockets are an additional bonus stat that can be found on items that allows you to insert Gems to gain their stats. Your Helm, Chest, Pants, Rings, Amulet, and Weapons all have a different number of Sockets. If you're lucky, you may come across a Scattered Prism as a reward from defeating a World Boss or Treasure Goblin, which can be used to add Sockets to your gear.


Adding Sockets to Items

One of the benefits of working with The Jeweler in Diablo 4 is the ability to add sockets to your gear. If you happen to find an amazing item that doesn't have a socket, don't worry! For the price of a Scattered Prism, the Jeweler can add sockets to it. Scattered Prisms are not commonly found, but you may get lucky and obtain one after defeating a World Boss. It's worth noting that not all gear-slots can have sockets added to them. Refer to the list below to see which slots can have sockets added, and how many sockets they can have.

Cap 1
Tunic 2
Pants 2
Amulet 1
Ring 1
1-Handed Weapon 1
2-Handed Weapon 2
Bow 2
Focus 1


Crafting Gems

By bringing Gems you find on your adventures to The Jeweler, you can craft more powerful versions of them. The process requires 3 Gems of the same tier and a small amount of Gold to craft 1 Gem of the next tier. The Gems provide various bonuses when socketed into different gear slots, and upgrading them can enhance those bonuses. Upgrading a Gem to a higher tier requires an investment of 3 Gems of the previous tier and Gold, but it also increases the effectiveness of the Gem when socketed into a piece of gear.

Unsocketing Gems

At times, you may feel the need to upgrade the Gems on your gear or replace them with new ones to gain different stats. Thankfully, The Jeweler provides a service where you can unsocket the Gems from your Gear by paying a nominal amount of Gold. This process removes the Gem, making it available for later use, and opens up the socket to allow for a new Gem to be placed in it. Please note that as the Item Power of your gear increases, the cost of unsocketing Gems will also increase.


Upgrade Jewelry

Jewelry in your inventory can be enhanced to provide increased Resistances and stronger random stats. You can enhance Rare and Legendary/Unique Jewelry, but it's not recommended to enhance Common or Magic gear. Enhancing Rare items can be done up to 3 times, while Legendary items can be enhanced up to 4 times. However, special materials are required to enhance Legendary items. The cost in Gold and materials increases with each enhancement. Therefore, it's advisable to wait until you have rare or Legendary/Unique Jewelry before investing your resources in enhancements.


Jewelry Rarity
Rare Ring/Amulet 1 Iron Chunk x5 + 4,800 Gold
Rare Ring/Amulet 2 Iron Chunk x5 + Silver Ore x4 + 11,250 Gold
Rare Ring/Amulet 3 Iron Chunk x8 + Silver Ore x6 + Veiled Crystal x3 + 4,800 Gold
Legendary Ring/Amulet 1 Iron Chunk x5 + 6,750 Gold
Legendary Ring/Amulet 2 Iron Chunk x5 + Silver Ore x4 + 13,500 Gold
Legendary Ring/Amulet 3 Iron Chunk x8 + Silver Ore x6 + Veiled Crystal x3 + 42,500 Gold
Legendary Ring/Amulet 4 Iron Chunk x12 + Silver Ore x7 + Veiled Crystal x6 + Abstruse Sigil x2 + 135,000 Gold



Types of Gems

In your journey throughout Sanctuary, you will encounter a variety of Gems that can provide different benefits depending on the slot they are socketed into. These benefits range from increased damage for weapons, defensive bonuses for armor, and resistance bonuses for jewelry. By crafting and using Gems effectively, you can greatly enhance your character's capabilities in combat.


You can search by Name, Type, Req Lvl or Cost. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Gems 

Req Level
Crude Amethyst Amethyst 15 +4.0% Damage Over Time 6.6% Damage Over Time Reduction 11.5% Shadow Resistance -
Chipped Amethyst Amethyst 20 +5.0% Damage Over Time 8.2% Damage Over Time Reduction 14.3% Shadow Resistance 3 Crude Amethyst
4,500 Gold
Crude Emerald Emerald 15 +6.7% Damage to Elites +19 Thorns 11.5% Poison Resistance -
Chipped Emerald Emerald 20 +8.3% Damage to Elites +39 Thorns 14.3% Poison Resistance 3 Crude Emerald
4,500 Gold
Crude Ruby Ruby 15 +6% Resource Generation +5% Life 11.5% Fire Resistance -
Chipped Ruby Ruby 20 +7% Resource Generation +6% Life 14.3% Fire Resistance 3 Crude Ruby
4,500 Gold
Crude Topaz Topaz 15 +3.0% Lucky Hit Chance 6.6% Damage Reduction While Control Impaired 11.5% Lightning Resistance -
Chipped Topaz Topaz 20 +4.0% Lucky Hit Chance 8.2% Damage Reduction While Control Impaired 14.3% Lightning Resistance 3 Crude Topaz
4,500 Gold
Crude Sapphire Sapphire 15 +6.0% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies 4.0% Damage Reduction While Fortified 11.5% Cold Resistance -
Chipped Sapphire Sapphire 20 +7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies 5.0% Damage Reduction While Fortified 14.3% Cold Resistance 3 Crude Sapphire
4,500 Gold
Crude Diamond Diamond 15 +4.0% Ultimate damage +4.0% Barrier Potency 4.0% Resistance to All Elements -
Chipped Diamond Diamond 20 +5.0% Ultimate damage +5.0% Barrier Potency 5.0% Resistance to All Elements 3 Crude Diamond
4,500 Gold
Crude Skull Skull 15 +6 Life On Kill +4% Healing Received +100 Armor -
Chipped Skull Skull 20 +13 Life On Kill +5% Healing Received +170 Armor 3 Crude Skull
4,500 Gold




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