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Blood Lance

Rank 1/5


Essence Cost: 15
Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
Throw a blood lance that lingers in an enemy for 3 seconds, dealing X [80%] damage to the enemy and all other lanced enemies.

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Blood Lance is a Necromancer Skill in Diablo 4. Blood Lance allows Necromancers to deal damage by casting a blood lance that deals damage. Its costs 10 Essence.

  • NOTE: Damage increased from 67.5% to 80%, in Patch 1.0.2d.


Blood Lance Diablo 4 Information

Blood Lance belongs to the Necromancer class Skill Tree, and is part of the Core Cluster.

Active Skills can be ranked up to Rank 5. Players can also Enhance and then Upgrade the skill to add new features to its effects.

Active Skills are represented by big square icons in the Skill Tree menu.


Blood Lance Effects in Diablo 4

Blood Lance can be upgraded up to Rank 5, by spending more skill points. Upgrading Blood Lance will further increase its benefits depending on its rank:

Rank 1:
  • Damagetriangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15pxX [80%]
Rank 2:
  • Damagetriangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15pxX [88%]
Rank 3:
  • Damagetriangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15pxX [96%]
Rank 4:
  • Damagetriangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15pxX [104%]
Rank 5:
  • Damagetriangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15pxX [112%]


Diablo 4 Enhance & Upgrade for Blood Lance

You can Enhance Blood Lance to add the following effects:

  • Enhanced Blood Lance: Blood Lance pierces through enemies who are currently lanced, dealing 15% reduced damage to subsequent enemies after the first.

After enhancing Blood Lance, you may also Upgrade it, to get the following effects depending on the upgrade you selected. You may only choose 1 of these:

  • Paranormal Blood Lance: While at least 2 enemies or a Boss are affected by Blood Lance, you gain 15% [+] Attack Speed and Blood Lance's Essence cost is reduced by 3.
  • Supernatural Blood Lance: After casting Blood Lance 8 times, your next cast of Blood Lance is guaranteed to Overpower and spawns a Blood Orb under the first enemy hit.

Enhancements and Upgrades are represented by diamond shaped icons in the Skill Tree menu


Builds that use Blood Lance in Diablo 4

Blood Lance is used in the following Builds:


Diablo 4 Blood Lance Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes & Tips for Blood Lance go here


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