Experience points and character leveling in Diablo 4 are fundamental aspects of the game. To level up efficiently, it's important to grasp the mechanics of experience gain. As a general note, higher Difficulty Settings offer increased XP rewards from all sources, making them a great way to level up faster. However, this also means more difficult and complex enemies and challenges, which will make clearing them to get said increased XP rewards will take longer time. This page will cover the basics, and need-to-know information with regard to accumulating Experience, or XP, in the game, so you can weigh out all your options with regard to choosing what to do to get more Experience and level up faster, or overall more efficiently.



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Mechanics and Leveling Up in Diablo 4

Character level in Diablo 4, is a numerical value in the game that informs a lot of the game's mechanics and is a quick expression of your character's overall strength. This level is increased by gaining a milestone amount of Experience points. Each level progression will make your character stronger, increasing their maximum Life, and Core Stats in accordance with their class. Additionally, each level will generate one Skill Point for the character, which players can then use to acquire different Skills using the game's Skill Tree system. This will go on until level 50, after which characters will instead gain a Paragon Point every time they accumulate twenty-five percent of the XP needed to reach the next level, which effectively means you will get four Paragon Points per level. Paragon Points will be used on Paragon Boards, which is an Endgame feature that will be how your characters will get big stat changes, aside from gear optimization.


Experience Point Sources in Diablo 4


XP from Enemies in Diablo 4

The main consistent way to accumulate XP in Diablo 4 is by defeating Enemies. This includes all types of Enemies, such as Main Quest-related Enemies and monsters, Elites, Champions, Unique Monsters, Bosses, and so on. Generally, the amount of XP earned from monster kills will depend on their level relative to your character's level, which can be informed by the World Tier level you are operating on. The XP you can gain from monsters will follow this set of rules:

  • Monsters grant a base experience value, but this will increase relative to both their level, as mentioned above, and the amount of maximum Life they have.
  • Elites will award a fixed amount of XP, depending solely on their level.
  • Minions that Elites fight with or summon will always award 60% of the XP their respective Elite would award. The gap between the XP given by a normal monster and an Elite is quite large, so these minions can prove significant for XP farming.
  • Bosses will give the highest amount of XP per single kill, also scaling with their level, but they naturally also take the longest to bring down.
  • There is a bonus for defeating higher-level monsters and a penalty for lower-level monsters, based on how far their levels are off compared to your character's level. Monsters that are one level higher than your character will give a fifteen percent increase in XP gained, which increases by five percent every level higher, capped at twenty-five percent. On the other hand, monsters that are one level lower will award ten percent less XP, which increases by ten percent every level lower, going all the way down to a hundred percent penalty for monsters at least ten levels lower.

Taking all of these into account, it can be concluded that a higher World Tier, while making Enemies encountered stronger at higher levels which leads to better XP rewards, will not always mean a faster time accumulating XP. You'll have to take into account how long it actually takes for you to clear out these more difficult Enemies. On the other hand, they also award better loot, which could go a long way toward how fast you can eventually clear them. Other factors include looking for locations that spawn more Elites, which can spawn more minions, how fast it'll take for these locations to respawn Enemies, and how long it'll take you to go back and forth to these locations. All of these will weigh into your chosen route for being efficient with getting XP and leveling up your character.

For a more in-depth guide to Enemies in Diablo 4, check out our Enemies page here.

XP from Quests in Diablo 4

Completing Quests in Diablo 4 is another way to gain XP for your character and level them up. These include various missions in the game, which range from courier-type tasks to tasks that require you to clear out Enemies. Quests can be categorized into Main Quests which are required to push the game story forward, Side Quests which are completely optional but expand small lore in different parts of Sanctuary, Local Events which are also optional but are the only way to accumulate Murmuring Obols, and Priority Quests which unlock a variety of important features that will aid you as you play the game. All Quests give a fixed amount of XP for completing them aside from XP gained from clearing any defeating any Enemies the Quest entails. The Main Quests in particular are going to be your main source of XP to get you close to level 50 shortly after the end of the Main Campaign, which will get you closer to entering World Tier 3.

XP from Dungeons and Strongholds in Diablo 4

Clearing Dungeons and Strongholds in Diablo 4 is another way to gain XP for your character and level them up. Clearing each Dungeon or Stronghold entails completing different objectives, defeating multiple Enemies, and for some Dungeons only, defeating Bosses. Strongholds are locations occupied by Enemies that players will have to conquer to clear. They can only be cleared once before they're turned into either safe havens, or Dungeons, and like Quests, they give a fixed amount of XP apart from the XP awarded from clearing the Enemies that occupy them. Dungeons function the same way but they will reset after a short amount of time, allowing players to spam clearing them, thus making them farmable. While the Dungeon's theme will remain constant, along with the Enemies and Boss (if any) that await inside the Dungeon's layout will change during every attempt at clearing them. Other things tend to stay the same, however, such as the objectives for clearing them. Dungeons will be your bread and butter for XP after level 50 and upon entering World Tier 3. As stated before however, farming XP fast or efficiently is not as easy as just increasing difficulty and plowing through whatever Dungeons you fancy over and over again. Players will have to note which Dungeons have favorable conditions for this endeavor, such as most number of Elites that group up for quick clearing, objectives that don't require you to move back and forth a great distance in the Dungeon, and so on.

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XP from the Renown System in D4

The Renown System in Diablo 4 is another way to gain XP for your character and level them up. In a sense, getting bonus XP this way is a bit of an amalgamation of all the ways presented above, and will all go towards making the game easier and easier for players. Renown is yet another point system similar to XP that incentives players to clear everything out in each Region of the game. The dedicated menu will show all the various objectives for each Region, such as activating all the Region's Waypoints, all the Side Quests to be found therein, all the Dungeons and Strongholds to clear for the first time, and so on, and will further show how many you've cleared and how many are left. Clearing any of these will grant the player Renown, and at milestone amounts of Renown gathered, the players will receive a bonus amount of Gold and XP for their character, in increasing amounts the larger the milestone. Apart from this, the rewards also include account-wide bonuses, like additional Skill Points, an additional Healing Potion charge, additional Paragon Points, and Murmuring Obols, which all your characters in the same account will receive. The objectives to complete per Region are all objectives that make the game easier for players, such as clearing Strongholds which can create safe havens and activating Waypoints which will help in teleporting around Sanctuary. Players are encouraged to add these factors into weighing out how they want to efficiently farm for XP in the game.

For more in-depth information on the Renown System in Diablo 4, click here.

XP from the Tree of Whispers in D4

The Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4 is another way to gain XP for your character and level them up. It is an Endgame feature that is unlocked after completing the Priority Quest called Whispers of the Dead. After clearing the quest, the Tree of Whispers icon will become active on the map, and players will be able to access it as they please. Along with this, the first set of objectives for the Tree of Whispers will also be shown on the map, these can range from clearing Cellars, harvesting motes, clearing Dungeons, and so on. Clearing each objective will award players with Grim Favors, ranging from one to five depending on the difficulty of the objective, aside from the XP and awards they will gain from the actual clearing of the objectives. Accumulating ten Grim Favors will lock players out of any more objectives, as they must now turn this in for one of three caches that the game will allow them to choose from. These caches will mainly feature gear, clearly shown in the description of the choices, with some even guaranteeing a Legendary item. Regardless of the gear, claiming a cache will result in a fixed amount of bonus XP for the player as well. The objectives will be refreshed after a certain amount of time, allowing the player to then farm for more Grim Favors, and claim more caches. So far, the most valuable type of objective that players can do for Grim Favors in this feature are ones that will ask Players to clear Dungeons, primarily because they give five Grim Favors upon completion, and because as previously stated, these Dungeons will offer a good amount of XP on their own, and if the objective just so happens to fall onto a Dungeon that's quick to clear, then that makes XP farming that much more efficient. Again, all these are additional factors that players should weigh into deciding how they want to efficiently farm for XP in the game.

For more in-depth information on the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4, click here.


Experience Buffs in Diablo 4

There are different ways to increase your experience points in Diablo 4, which include:

  • Party bonuses: As mentioned earlier, you can get an extra 5%, 8%, or 11% XP when you are close to your party members.
  • Elixirs: These items provide combat buffs and also give you a bonus of 5% XP for 30 minutes.
  • Campfires: These are special sources of experience bonuses that can be found in the open world. One known location is in the Kor Dragan Stronghold northeast of Menestad. Once you clear the area, the Campfire becomes available for use at any time. You can recognize them on the map by two crossed wooden log icons. When you stand near a Campfire, you gain one stack of the Campfire Buff every 8 seconds. The maximum of 15 stacks is reached after two minutes, providing a total of 15% bonus XP. Each stack has a duration of 15 minutes.

Gaining Experience in a group has several advantages over solo play. Each party member earns individual base XP from monster kills at full value, regardless of contribution. Experience gained from monster kills is shared zone-wide, allowing party members to split-farm in different areas and receive full XP from each other's kills. This can result in up to a fourfold increase in leveling speed. Party members can idle in town and still gain XP from the kills of other party members in the same zone. When party members are close together within a three-screen radius, they receive a Party Bonus buff, which increases XP gains by 5%, 8%, or 11% depending on the number of nearby party members. Overall, it seems like Diablo 4 is a game that, while primarily being a single-player RPG, incentivizes players to play in parties and participate in global events and online events, in order to reap the benefits of boosted XP gain


World Tier Scaling in Diablo 4

During the preview version of the game, only World Tiers 1 and 2 were available to play. Tier 1 is the baseline difficulty, while Tier 2 grants a 20% bonus to XP earned. However, players could inspect the World Tier Statue in Kyovashad to see additional tiers.

At level 50, which is also when the Paragon Boards unlock, Tier 3 becomes available, and it provides a significant boost to Experience gained, with a bonus of 100%. Players can also advance to Tier 4, which offers a 150% XP bonus, and to Tier 5, which provides a massive 250% bonus. These increasing difficulty levels may suggest a breakpoint in the game that signals the shift from leveling to the endgame, with higher bonuses available for players who are up for a challenge.


Difficulty Modes World Tier in Diablo 4

Diablo IV offers different levels of difficulty to cater to different players' preferences and skills. These difficulty settings affect the challenges we face and the rewards we earn throughout our adventures in the game. Depending on the chosen difficulty, the game can become more or less challenging, with tougher Enemies and obstacles to overcome. It's essential to understand how each difficulty level works in Diablo 4 to choose the right one for your playstyle and enjoy the game to the fullest.

tier1 difficulty mode diablo4 wiki 300px
Adventurer (World Tier I)

Adventurer difficulty is ideal for new players who want to get a feel for the game and gradually ease into more challenging content in the future. 

  • Players who are new to Diablo and want a light challenge
  • Level 1 - 50
  • Enemies are easy to defeat

tier2 difficulty mode diablo4 wiki 300px
Veteran (World Tier II)

Veteran difficulty provides a challenge for experienced Diablo players, ensuring that leveling up is exciting and engaging.

  • Players who desire more challenge.
  • Levels 1 - 50
  • Enemies are more challenging.
  • Monsters give 20% more Experience.
  • Monsters drop 15% more Gold.

NOTE: This may be changed at any time from the Character Select Screen or from the World Tier Statue in Kyovashad.


Endgame Difficulty Modes in Diablo 4

Once you reach level 50 in Diablo 4, you can unlock higher difficulty ranges. Each of these difficulties requires certain milestones to be achieved and provides greater rewards as you progress.

Nightmare Difficulty (World Tier III)

To access Nightmare Difficulty or World Tier III, you must complete a specific dungeon to demonstrate your readiness. This difficulty brings Champion monsters with it and introduces Nightmare Dungeons, which can only be opened with Nightmare Sigils. Just like in previous Diablo games, putting in extra effort yields more experience and drops. In Diablo 4, the drops include a new item type called Sacred items. However, it's not all about dealing massive damage, as you'll need to start overcoming resistance penalties.

  • Unlocked by completing the Cathedral of Light dungeon in World Tier 2: Veteran (Recommended Level 50)
  • Champion monsters now have a chance to appear
  • Sacred items now have a low chance of dropping
  • Nightmare Sigils, which in turn unseal Nightmare Dungeons, are unlocked
  • Players gain 100% XP bonus
  • Non-Physical resistances are reduced by 20%.

Hell Difficulty (World Tier IV)

To access Hell Difficulty World Tier IV you'll need to clear another specific dungeon. You'll receive even rarer Nightmare Sigils, and the experience bonus continues to increase. In addition, you'll encounter more powerful Enemies that drop the highly coveted Sacred items at a higher rate. As always, the game will challenge you by increasing resistance penalties, so make sure to stay on top of your defenses. Keep pushing forward and you'll be rewarded with some of the best loot in the game!

  • Unlocked by completing the Fallen Temple dungeon in World Tier 3: Nightmare (Recommended Level 60)
  • Sacred items drop more frequently
  • Rare Nightmare Sigils unsealing more difficult challenges are unlocked.
  • Players gain 150% XP bonus
  • Non-Physical resistances are reduced by 30%.

Torment Difficulty (World Tier V)

Torment or World Tier V is the highest difficulty level that requires you to complete a third dungeon to prove your readiness. Playing at this level gives you a huge boost in experience, and you have the chance to obtain Ancestral items, a new type of item, as well as new unique items. However, resistance penalties are significantly higher, making it more challenging to survive in battles.

  • Unlocked by completing the Archives of Issalia dungeon in World Tier 4: Hell (Recommended Level 70)
  • Ancestral items have a low chance of dropping
  • New Uniques items can be found
  • Players gain 250% XP bonus
  • Non-Physical resistances are reduced by 40%.


Reaching Level 100 in Diablo 4

How Long it Takes to Reach Level 100

On average, it would take players approximately 35 hours of gameplay to complete the games campaign, and by then players will be around level 45-50. Most of the leveling takes place in the post-campaign content, players can create new characters of different classes and choose to skip the campaign. However, players will have to start from the beginning when leveling up new characters.

So to reach level 100, players will have to invest roughly 150 hours into the game, and roughly 750 hours in the game to reach level 100 on each character classes.

How to Reach Level 100

Once reaching level 50, players will need to fix up their leveling strategy to hit level 100 quicker. Upon completing the campaign, players need to head back to Kyovashad and get into World Tier 2 to complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon, to which this will unlock World Tier 3. New activities unlock after level 50 such as the Nightmare Dungeons. With enemies of a higher difficulty, comes more XP to gain, and more chances to earn Sacred Gear, and Glyphs for the Paragon Board. By level 70, players can grind Nightmare Dungeons to gain XP then head to the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon. When completed, this will unlock World Tier 4, and the Echo of Lilith unlocks once players reach level 100.

Players can earn more XP when playing on higher World Tier difficulties on solo unless all players in multiplayer agree to play on a specific World Tier difficulty.  Players may also farm XP off enemies. Instead of fast traveling, going through the map and defeating any enemy you see will grant you some XP. There are also Quests, Strongholds, World Events that grant high XP to players.


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